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Food for the Soul: A Pike Place Market tour reignited my love for Seattle

This last September, I celebrated my fourth year living in Seattle.

Now before you born-and-raised Seattleites get angry at me for being a transplant and ruining the city, I am from Bellingham - so the transplant process wasn't that aggressive, okay?

Even after being here for four years I sometimes still feel like I haven't even scratched the surface. There are so many places to visit, restaurants to eat at, or sights that I've only heard of and have never actually seen (other than when I'm scrolling through my Instagram feed, comparing myself to all the adventurous folks I follow). For example, I just saw the Fremont Troll for the first time about three weeks ago. Pretty cool spot guys, take it from me.

A couple of weeks ago I took the Savor Seattle Food Tour. I haven't taken many tours locally, so this was a freakin' treat and opportunity for me peel back the layers of my very own city. Before I get started, I need you to know that Justin Oba, our tour guide, was FABULOUS. If you can - definitely ask for Oba. He was funny, passionate and had an unbelievable wealth of knowledge about the city.

We took their Early Access VIP Food Tour of the Pike Place Market which started at 8 a.m. Yes, I know that is EARLY for a tour but imagine seeing the market while it's completely empty. Farmers are dropping off their fresh produce, fish mongers are putting out all that fresh fish, crafters are setting up their stalls, quietly working amongst themselves, chit chatting with their neighbors. Talk about an opportunity to TRULY "meet the producer." On a fresh and crisp fall day, OH MY GAWD. It was stunning!

You know the market is usually stacked and packed with fashion influencers donned in their best infinity scarf and leather jacket with a fresh bouquet of dahlias from the market, while their Instagram boyfriend is toying with the light, filter and exposure, so you're not only getting the Public Market sign, but the brilliance of that dazzling bouquet of DAHLIAS.

[Seattle is the 8th Best Foodie City in the U.S.]

Basically what I'm trying to say is that the market can be OVERWHELMING, so wake your ass up and go for the morning tour, you will not be disappointed.

The tour was two hours and featured over 12 bites and sips. Pricing starts at $55.99 and runs Friday through Sunday. We went to Honest Biscuits, Los Agaves, Daily Dozen Donuts, Pike Place Fish, MarketSpice, Miss Cafe, Rub With Love Shack and indi chocolate.

All of the food was great, but sure as grandma's got gout I'm not gonna write an article that doesn't include my favorite spot! I wouldn't do that to you guys. Hands down, my favorite bite was the pupusas from Los Agaves. If you've ever been in the market you know that there are so many business, restaurants and stalls that you can glaze right over due to the sheer overwhelm of how much stuff is in there. I've never in my life seen Los Agaves, and I'm SO GLAD that Oba took use there. After the tour was over (and I had stuffed my face) I literally went back and ordered another pupusa. It was incredibly cheap and tasted like heaven in my mouth. They are a family-run restaurant with a great history and cheap and delicious food.

I won't tell you the history because well, I'll leave it up to Savor Seattle.

As for the rest of the food, obviously it was a massive highlight. Food is the way to my heart in any situation to be honest, but the coolest part of the Pike Place Market tour was the history of the market itself. This is why this tour, in my humble opinion, is the best food tour in Seattle.

I truly felt like I was in a different city, experiencing something new for the first time. I'm a big travel buff and I can't explain to you the absolute high I get from meeting new people and experiencing new places no matter how big or small the town or city is. It's like a fuel for the soul, a grounding experience where you realize that our fellow human beings across many cultures aren't so different after all. My point being that the fact that this tour elicited this feeling inside (where sometimes I have to go to places far and wide to experience) my very own city of where I LIVE was a #blessing.

Learning about the history of the market, the farmers and how the heart of Seattle was born in the conceptualizing of this very market, was mad cool. I can't say enough about it.

There are so many different tours you can take with Savor Seattle, but (again) I would recommend the Pike Place one if you are looking for some iconic Seattle history. They offer other tours like "Chocolate Indulgence Tour," "Gourmet Seattle Tour," "Booze & Bites Tour," and more!

I can't jump up and down about this tour enough. GO LIVE A LITTLE! Take the Savor Seattle Tour.