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Smoked Skagit River Ranch Pork_Maria Hines.jpg
Smoked Skagit River Ranch Pork from Young American Ale House (Image courtesy of Young American Ale House).

Open & Shut: This week in restaurant openings and closings


Little Lago
Little Lago, which is a spin-off of Montlake's popular Café Lago had it’s soft opening in early November, according to Eater. The little Italian joint sells common grocery goods, rotisserie chickens, pizzas baked in a stone hearth, and Italian sandwiches made to order.

Caffe D’arte
Caffe D’arte announced their plans to open a new location in Pioneer Square in December, located at 99 Yesler Way. The coffee place has “roots planted in Seattle’s artisan coffee culture,” and offers traditional, hand-crafted Italian coffees. They will also be selling a limited time blend called “Pioneer Square Roast” in celebrating the newest location opening!

Young American Ale House
This new endeavor from Maria Hines opened last month in Ballard and is a family-friendly New American gastropub explained as an “elevated American classic with a twist.” Hmm, I am very intrigued. Very intrigued indeed.

Feed Co. Burgers
This new burger joint opened their second location in the Central District and these burgers look phenomenal, y'all. It might be because I’m writing this while I’m hungry, but what are you gonna do you know? They have burgers, sandwiches, salads, and a nice list of beverage options.

Marmite & Spirit in the Bottle
According to Eater, beloved chef Bruce Naftaly is coming out of retirement and is opening a restaurant and beverage bar. They are planning to open their lunchtime and dinner restaurant in early December. This location is opening in the recently shut down Chop Shop location.

Chef Edouardo Jordan announced the opening of his second restaurant, Junebaby, set to open in the early part of 2017 according to Eater. Chef Jordan is the owner of the successful restaurant Salare. The menu will infuse Jordan’s southern roots, with a little vibe from Salare. Which is an “Italian-French-African-Southern blend.” Sounds extremely intriguing.

This restaurant just opened its doors in West Seattle. Chef Brian Clevenger who is the man behind Vendemmia and East Anchor Seafood spearheaded this project. The Italian-inspired menu features items that focus on seafood, vegetables, and house-made pasta.

New Luck Toy
New Luck Toy is coming back to West Seattle! Okay, so it may not be the same exact New Lucky Toy but the location, name and also the owners attempt to imitate the old restaurant is a plus in our book!

There is some good news and bad news when it comes to Seattle’s Sazerac Restaurant. The bad news is that Sazerac will be closing its doors for the first time since its opening in 1997 - but the good news is that it’s only temporary! Will be showcasing its new remodel in 2017.

Flint Creek Cattle Co.
Chef Eric Donnelly and Partner/Operations Manager Christy Donnelly have announced the official opening of their newest restaurant, Flint Creek Cattle Co., located in the Greenwood neighborhood! The menu focuses on lean and game meats with seasonally driven vegetables.


Gnocchi Bar
According to Eater Seattle, As of November 20th Capital Hill’s Gnocchi Bar will be closing its doors. Owner, Lisa Nakamura has decided to not renew her lease for the restaurant but instead will continue to make her delicious Gnocchi for grocery stores such as PCC and Metropolitan Market. All while keeping her fan full and happy.

Tini Bigs & Hula Hula
For the first time in two decades, the iconic Tini Bigs and Hula Hula are closing their doors. Located in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood, Tini Bigs has been open every day consecutively since 1996 and will be replaced by new development project ready to take place next year.

The Old Spaghetti Factory
You've heard it about it. You've cried about it. Read about the closing of our beloved Spaghetti Factory, here!