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(Image: Gretchen Bossio / Seattle Refined)

On the hunt for great curry? Marysville is your final destination

In every city I’ve lived there are three things I have to immediately locate when it comes to food: the best pizza restaurant, a fresh Italian sub shop, and dynamite curry (panang or yellow curry specifically).

Over the last 12 years I’ve lived up and down the I-5 corridor; practically to Oregon and almost to Canada, with stops in between. Thanks to one of my husband’s co-workers (isn’t word-of-mouth always the ideal way to find out about amazing food?) I’m thrilled to share that if you too are on the curry hunt, Marysville is your final destination.

Yes, tucked in an unobtrusive strip near a Safeway, you’ll find Maephim Thai Restaurant. It is 100% a hole-in-the-wall. Nothing you would give a second glance. But, I promise, their food is going to absolutely floor you!

Now, before you head there or call in, I’m going to give you the exact address. Why? Well, because there are a number of results you get when you google “Mae Phim” or "Maephim". You don’t want to accidentally order at the wrong place! Speaking from experience here.

  • Here is where you want to go: 1212 E, State Ave, Marysville, WA 98270
  • Here is the number to call for take out: (360) 653-3800
  • You can also order online for delivery:

If you love Thai food, specifically curry, you’re going to want to plan Maephim into your week’s meals. 90% of the time I order yellow curry (spice level 2) which gives just enough heat to enjoy while still being able to carry on a conversation. Not only is the curry vibrant in color and full-bodied in flavor, the addition of cashews and pineapple with the regularly expected meat and veggies give it an extra wonderful flair. Thanks to Maephim, when I make my sub-par curry at home, I’ve taken to adding cashews and pineapple now too! It’s such a welcome, sweet taste and crunch alongside the smooth heat of curry spices. The panang and red curry are decent runner’s up, but the yellow is what I return to time after time.

The pad thai, pineapple fried rice, and crispy garlic chicken all deserve nods as well. Often my husband and I will share a curry and one of these. That’s the perfect mix when you can sample a bit of all Maephim has to offer.

I’m not the only one who craves this gem of a restaurant regularly. Although the restaurant is usually pretty empty, the Door Dash and Uber Eats line up is always full. They actually have an entire table designated for warming bags full of waiting orders! It seems when the question, “What’s for dinner?” arises in Snohomish County, everyone answers, “Maephim, of course!”

As an appetizer I love the fresh rolls, usually one with prawns and one with tofu - why decide on one when you can opt for half and half? It is served with a sweet and spicy sauce, but I HIGHLY recommend upgrading to the signature Mae Phim peanut sauce. Well, make that a double order of the peanut sauce. It is warm and sweet and only one other peanut sauce comes close to comparing (that of Tofu Hut in Olympia). I wish they’d sell the recipe, because my oh my, that stuff is drinkable! It may sound silly, but for my thai “dessert” I’ll often set aside some white rice and pour peanut sauce over the top. It’s perfection! Start with peanut sauce, enjoy some curry, end with peanut sauce. Sounds about right!

Maephim is open Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., which means you can have lunch or dinner there tomorrow if you want! Then you’ll fully understand why your curry hunt is over. Maephim for life. Nothing else can beat it.