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Enjoy as many sips and bites as you can manage! (Image: Alex Garland / Seattle Refined)

Dining for a Cause: 8th Annual Omnivorous Dinner Benefits Capitol Hill Housing

Calling all Seattle foodies! Do we have an event for you - Capitol Hill Housing’s eighth-annual Omnivorous is bringing an incredible roster of local restaurants, bars, and distilleries your way. And you can enjoy it all while gaining a few karma points in the process.

We chatted with CHH’s Senior Manager of Fund Development, Joshua Okrent, to find out more about this foodie-friendly event, what CHH is doing, and, really, why you should care.

Helping create Omnivorous since joining CHH in 2011, Okrent says “The event has grown over the years, but the food and drink have always been remarkable and the party has always been a lot of fun.”

“We have 26 restaurants and drink makers at Omnivorous, including French bistros, Chinese dumpling houses, vegan delicatessens, dessert makers, cocktail bars - some of the best food and drink being created in Seattle, all donated by the businesses participating.”

The list of tempting treats goes on...and on...and on, but let’s not forget that this is also a meal with a mission.

Formed over 40 years ago, CHH focuses on creating and managing safe, healthy, and affordable housing options for the Seattle community. “Our work has never been as necessary as it is today,” says Okrent. And it’s true that the Seattle region has seen unmatched economic growth. But that growth has not benefited all, and serving people on the margins continues to define everything we do.”

CHH’s work has evolved over time to also include working directly with small, immigrant- or minority-owned businesses on development strategies that help build the capacity of community organizations to meet changing needs, going far beyond simply putting a roof over people's’ heads.

“Over four decades,” says Okrent, “We have invested a great deal of time and energy in learning about the communities we serve. And if there’s any one lesson we’ve learned, it’s that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to equitable affordable housing and economic development.”

By providing more than 2,200 people with an affordable home - everyone from individuals transitioning out of homelessness to local teachers or the chefs preparing your food at this very event, CHH are making an impact city-wide.

And as CHH’s largest public event, Omnivorous gives them a chance to not only celebrate this work with a large community of partners, peers, supporters and neighbors, but to also introduce new community members to their work.

“We are bringing real solutions to real problems,” says Okrent. “We are helping people to find affordable homes and develop the skills they need to remain stable and safe inside those homes.”

For the second year in a row, Omnivorous will be held at the historic Washington Hall, where you’re encouraged to enjoy as many sips and bites as you can manage! All donations made at the event will go to supporting CHH’s programs and services, with the largest portion going to the resident services which keep families stable and secure and give them opportunities to thrive through programs like rental assistance, job coaching, back to school programs, and connections to essential services.

Grab your tickets and join us in raising a glass to this fantastic cause and enjoying all the delicious food and drink our fair city has to offer!