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Oberto Headquarters - Kent

We visited beef jerky heaven

Founded in 1918, Oberto has been making specialty meat products here in Seattle for almost 100 years. Starting out as a small Italian sausage company off of Dearborn St., Oberto has grown over the last century to fill a 150,000 square foot facility in Kent. Oberto says they employ about 500 people full-time to make more than 17 million pounds of beef jerky every year along with tons of other fun meat snacks.

Like beef jerky trail mix, and soon to be released pepperoni jerky. Yum!

But how do they do it?

Whether original beef jerky, teriyaki jerky or Cattleman’s Cut, all Oberto beef jerky starts out a giant slab of beef. Then, its sliced really thin, mixed with spices in a cement mixer sized tumbler and left to marinade for about 4 days.

I asked Oberto if they were willing to share their mix of spices so I could make jerky at home. They said no. Bummer.

Once the margination process is complete, the meat rides a conveyor belt through a huge oven to achieve that signature smoky Oberto taste.

From there, the jerky is packaged by a series or incredible machines you have to see to believe (watch the story above to see them in action) and shipped to snack-lovers all over America.