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A rundown of doughnuts shops in the Seattle area that are off the beaten path. 

Off the beaten path donut (or doughnut) shops

Mmm donuts. Those words will get Homer Simpson to start daydreaming of those delightful dollops of dough and they will get most any Seattleite to start thinking of where to sate their sugar rush in the morning. Or afternoon. Or evening. But where would one go get a donut in the Seattle area to feed this craving? Yes, Top Pot is continuing their slow march to world donut domination and there isn't a Blue Star Donuts in our midst, but what if you wanted to get a donut somewhere a bit different? Here are a handful of places that bring the tasty to go with your morning coffee.

(Note: the nomenclature of doughnut versus donut is an interesting thing. Apparently, doughnut is the more historically appropriate term and donut is the shorthand. For purposes of this post, we will use the shortened donut. Mostly in a plea to have Dunkin' Donuts notice this post and open a proper shop in Seattle to appease East Coast transplants. Or sometimes we'll use doughnut.)

Countryside Donut House - The donuts at this store in a stripmall in Mountlake Terrace hits the spot for any craving or when you want to impress your officemates. The array of donuts run the gamut from the familiar of a glazed ring or old-fashioned to the decorative like their '12 Donut' that were specially made during the Seahawks Super Bowl run.

Daily Dozen Doughnut Company - Located in the Economy Market section of Pike Place Market is this stand dedicated to turning out freshly made mini-doughnuts the size of a silver dollar. Watch as the Daily Dozen Doughnut Company's machine patiently and methodically makes their doughnuts so you can be sure of freshness. They are sold as either a half dozen or a full dozen in flavors like plain, cinnamon sugar, powdered, or chocolate frosting with sprinkles. Because of their diminutive size, you'll eat these before you get to the fish throwers at the Market. Which is perfectly fine.

Dona Queen - In the SoDo neighborhood of Seattle sits Dona Queen. An unassuming shop near the corner of 4th Ave S and Lander with a quaint and welcoming interior that belies the deliciousness of their donuts. Particularly of note is their apple fritter; crunchy exterior, the size of your face, and lightly brushed with glaze. The crullers are also tasty.

FROST Doughnuts - FROST Doughnuts has recently gone through an expansion to a new location in Mill Creek Town Center and added some more menu items to their offerings. But the doughnuts are what draw people in. The doughnuts at FROST are on the elevated side of things with creative and funky flavors; think bourbon caramel pecan or white chocolate pretzel and sea salt. Also check out their Froissaint, a croissant/donut hybrid. The grand re-opening of FROST will be in early June as they turn into a dessert lounge with cupcakes, frozen custard, and espresso bar alongside their cupcakes.

King Donuts - On the far south end of Rainier Avenue in South Seattle is King Donut, a business where donuts, teriyaki, and a laundromat all sit under one roof. Be sure to visit for their apple fritter, full of craggy edges and chunks of apple strewn throughout. (If you haven't figured it out yet, I love apple fritters.) Or feel free to wash a load of clothes while you're at it.

Michou - While not a donut shop, per se, Michou is a deli located in Pike Place Market that specializes in sandwiches and salads. I enjoy going for their bambaloni, a Tunisian doughnut that is the shape of a halo and dusted generously with cinnamon and sugar. Be sure to get it in the morning, which is really the best time to visit Pike Place Market.

There you have it; a rundown of a few places in the area to satisfy your donut sweet tooth. National Donut Day is just around the corner. Exercise your civic pride and start partaking in donuts before the big day hits.