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Sosh is an app available today that will help Seattle residents find new places to frequent and activities to participate in. (Image: Sosh)

New app helps you discover new places in Seattle to eat, drink and dance

Ever been stuck on a lazy Saturday afternoon, not sure where to grab dinner or happy hour with your friends? You think you've tried all the best restaurants in the city, know all the secret spots, but when it comes down to finding something new to do, you're just stuck.

Luckily for you - and all of your friends - one of the hottest apps to hit San Francisco and New York is opening its doors to Seattle locals today. Called Sosh, the iOS app - which is also available online at - helps Seattle residents find the best spots for brunch, new places to grab a pint of beer, discover concerts and dozens of other types of events that are hand-curated.

You may have already heard about Sosh; it's been in limited beta in the Seattle area for a few weeks. Sosh selected a few trendsetters to try it out, and the initial impression of it by these early users has been resoundingly positive.

"People live in a city like Seattle because it's full of interesting people, standout restaurants, culture, and more. But it's a lot of work to keep up with it all," said Rishi Mandal, co-founder and CEO of Sosh. "We're social creatures, but we're also busy and, as a result, end up doing the same things over and over - going to the movies or the same nearby restaurants. Sosh is designed to change that."

Sosh uses technology to continually keep an eye on the city's hottest trends, and most unique activities and events. Each activity is vetted by local tastemakers - yes, by humans - who are either on-staff experts or well-known locals, like Molly Moon or Canon's Jamie Boudreau. Sosh then recommends things to do that are personalized to each member's interests, habits, and a host of other factors, including the time of day, day of the week, and the weather outside.

What sets Sosh apart is that it doesn't simply give its members a directory of local venues. Instead, it curates the city's best events and activities, from a pasta-making class with a famous chef to cocktails at a new speakeasy, a night hike up Mount Si, or the perfect itinerary for a first date. "Sosh isn't about deals or daily emails," said Mandal. "Instead, it's about sharing wonderful experiences with the people you love. With Sosh on your phone, exploring the world around you becomes easier and more exciting."

Sosh was founded by former Google employees and has raised a total of $15 million from Instagram co-founder, Mike Krieger, Sequoia Capital, Khosla Ventures, and other notable investors. Sosh previously launched its service in San Francisco and New York City, where its popularity has grown rapidly. In San Francisco, nearly one out of every 6 adults is a Sosh member. Sosh expects the same type of adoption in Seattle, especially since the city has so much to offer in terms of culture, great food and stand-out restaurants.