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The spread at Greenwood’s Picnic. (Image: Suzi Pratt)

Neighborhood wine shops and when to drink there

A wine shop is a great place to grab a bottle or learn a bit more about wine. Some of Seattle's wine shops often host tastings where you can do both and get a tasting in too.

Seattle has an embarrassment of riches in wine shops. From the mega-sized Wine World to the intimate McCarthy & Schiering, the size and focus of each are distinct and different from one another, just like Seattle neighborhoods. And each of our unique and funky neighborhoods has a wine shop that you can pop into for a glass of wine or pick up a bottle to go with dinner. In fact, these shops often host tastings where they'll feature wine to pour. These can often run the gamut between being region-focused or from a particular winery. Sometimes they could be a distributor pouring from their portfolio.

Wine shop tastings can be a great opportunity to learn more about wine in a casual environment. Here is a list of some locally-owned wine shops around Seattle and the time and days you can pop in for a taste:

Bin 41 - This shop in West Seattle's Junction hosts its tasting Fridays from 6-7:30pm. They also host another tasting on the second Thursday of the month during the West Seattle Art Walk.

DeLaurenti - This Pike Place Market grocery store at the corner of 1st and Pike has everything you could want. And when you want to taste some wine, be sure to visit Saturdays from 2-4pm.

Fremont Wine - The tastings at this Fremont shop occur all day Friday through Sunday with five tastes for $5. The themes vary, and this upcoming weekend has a focus on Washington sparkling wines.

Greenlake Wines - The tastings at this Greenlake shop and wine bar land on Thursdays from 5-7pm with themes that change week to week.

Madrona Wine Merchants - In this cozy little spot along the Madrona neighborhood's main drag, their tastings are every Saturday from 2-4pm

McCarthy & Schiering - The venerable McCarthy & Schiering is a standard bearer for Seattle wine shops. They've been around for over 30 years and host their tastings at both the Queen Anne and Ravenna locations every Saturday from 11-5pm.

Picnic - Most Thursdays, Picnic in Phinney Ridge hosts their tastings from 5-7pm for $8. They'll offer up snacks to nosh with the wine which varies weekly.

Pike & Western - Located in Pike Place Market, the Pike & Western Wine Shop has a $5 tasting on Wednesdays and a complimentary tasting Fridays from 3-6pm.

West Seattle Wine Cellars - This West Seattle shop offers a complimentary tasting on Thursdays from 5:30-8pm.

Wine World & Spirits - If you didn't know, burgers go great with wine. A few short steps away from the Wallingford Dick's Drive-In on 45th sits Wine World. Visit their Tasting Bar every weekday from 6-8pm, and every weekend from 2-5pm for a pour. Or two.