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909 Coffee & Wine is a hit! (Image: Seattle Refined).

Neighborhood Nosh: Burien's 909 Coffee & Wine

We love it when our viewers send us restaurant recommendations. So, when I heard about a family-run spot serving up scratch made food in downtown Burien, I had to check it out, and 909 Coffee & Wine delivered.

"Every day since I moved here, I've been coming in for my morning coffee and the vibe [here] hasn't changed," longtime customer Rob Halpin told me. "It's the same sincerity, same warmth, same feeling of community."

"You meet people. It's just a gathering place...Everybody's nice. I mean it's just a nice place," added Tom Stanaway, another regular.

That's thanks to executive chef Frank Ricci and his sister-in-law, Kelly, who opened 909 Coffee & Wine back in 2007.

"We really want to try to create probably the best restaurant in Burien and you know 'hey we don't have to go downtown, we can just go to 909'," explained Frank.

909 really is a family affair. Frank's nephew Angelo work here. And during my visit his niece Chrissy was back in the kitchen whipping up one of their best-selling breakfast dishes, the chorizo hash.

The hash is packed with crisp potatoes, roasted corn, poblano peppers and chorizo. It's topped with two over hard eggs, avocado and salsa verde, and served alongside corn tortillas.

Breakfast is just the beginning at 909. You can get a cup of coffee, a cocktail or a fantastic meal all day. No matter what time you show up, it's a good bet you'll see Frank.

"I cannot believe how much [Frank] works," said Tom. "I always thought he just kind of showed up, but you see him in the morning and if you're [here] at night, he's here at night."

"You can see the care and love he puts into his work and it shows," explained Rob. "It really does with the food that comes out and the people that come in here and how he interacts with them."

"We really want you to feel like you're at home," Frank told me. "When you walk in the door you feel like you can just relax. You've had a stressful day, let 909 take care of you.

At 909, the Ricci's are serious about hospitality and about their food. The dinner menu is constantly evolving based on what's in season. When I stopped by Frank prepared one of his specials, seared duck breast, served over baby carrots, potatoes and parsnips with a cherry mustard sauce. The duck perfectly cooked and complimented by the flavorful sauce.

909 is a staple in Burien for a reason. It's more than a restaurant, it's a place for the community to come together, and that won't change anytime soon.

"We're in it for the long haul. I've got lots of nephews and nieces I hope will take this over for me," said Frank with a laugh. "Hopefully it's a staple in Burien for the next 20 to 25 years."

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