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The Munchery launched yesterday in downtown Seattle and Capitol Hill. (Image: The Munchery)

Munchery launches in downtown Seattle and Capitol Hill

It's a big week for food delivery services in Seattle. We told you about Kitchensurfing yesterday - the company that lets you order a local chef to come cook in your home. And today, we introduce you to Munchery, which launched in Seattle yesterday.

Munchery is a website (and app!) that delivers wholesome prepared meals from local chefs to your doorstep. After launching in San Francisco almost four years ago, Seattle is the company's first expansion.

"We are really, really excited to be here," said Christie Voos, the Seattle General Manager. "Seattle has a similar appreciation (as San Francisco does) for culinary taste and appreciation of good food, and you also have a large tech industry with early adopters who are willing to try new things."

Here's the jist of how it works. Munchery chefs upload new menus to the site every day which customers can pick and choose from when ordering their meals. These chefs use top quality ingredients, and try and make their menus as diverse as possible for all the different taste buds out there. Prices are as follows:

  • Entrees: $8 - $10

  • Soups, Sides, Desserts: $4 - $6

  • Green Salads: $5 - $7, Entrée Salads: $7 - $10

If you're ordering before 4 p.m. on a weekday, you can set the delivery time to anywhere between 4 - 8 p.m. that night, or another weekday night. If you're ordering after 4 p.m., you can use the On Demand service and the Munchery team will deliver your freshly made meal 20-40 minutes later.

"Dinner can be one of the most stressful time periods in anyone's day," said Voos. "And that's why Munchery initially started - our two founders were both young dads and just really stressed out each night with planning meals."

Right now Munchery is only delivering to the downtown Seattle and Capitol Hill neighborhoods, as they are still relatively small.

"We're growing every day," said Voos. "And our goal is to get everywhere in greater Seattle - north of Everett, West Seattle, the Eastside and north Tacoma. The 'what's for dinner' question is one that literally every human has to answer, so we want to try and bring The Munchery everywhere."

Right now Munchery Seattle has four chefs, all working out of a kitchen in the International District.

The impact of Munchery is more than just a great local meal - Voos said she's had emails and messages come in where customers have literally said that Munchery saved their marriage.

"I can totally relate to that!" said Voos. "My husband and I don't fight about money or anything like that, but we used to argue over what we were going to do for dinner all the time."

To celebrate their launch in Seattle, Munchery is offering one free entrée to every new customer for the next two weeks. Use code SEATTLENOW before July 29.