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Move Over Wonka, There's A New Chocolate Tour In Town

25 years ago, self-taught chocolatier Jean Thompson set out to build a company with true Northwest values; concocting delicious, distinctive chocolate with locally sourced ingredients. Today you can find Seattle Chocolates and jcoco products across the country.

Now, for the first time - you can tour their factory.

"We actually started this month and were so excited because it's 25 years and Seattle Chocolates has never opened its doors to the public," said Kirsty Ellison, VP of Marketing. "It was a big undertaking but we're really excited to let people get to know the brand, the company and to learn a little more about Jean."

Ellison believes Seattle Chocolates is different than other bars in the market, because it's not just a chocolate bar, it's a truffle bar.

"That means the center has a soft meltaway texture," she said. "So it floods your mouth with flavor and melts really quickly. It's chubby and it's fat and it's absolutely delicious."

The Seattle Chocolates team tries to be inspired by both Seattle and the Northwest in general when they come up with their flavors.

"We take flavors really seriously here," said Ellison. "We really try to source locally - so our coffee is roasted about a mile and a half away at Joe's Garage. Our toffee is made in Woodinville, our caramels are made on Whidbey Island. So wherever we can we try to bring in those local ingredients."

The team hopes to get people to experience chocolate in ways that they haven't done before with the new tour.

"[We want to] really get people to think about it like the complex ingredient that it is," said Ellison. "Similar to coffee or to wine; where the cacao is grown can really impact the taste and the flavor and texture of the chocolate. So we really want people to explore all of that and have fun at the same time."

You can go on the tour, for $10 at the factory in Tukwila, about 5 minutes from the airport. Interested? Book online {guaranteed samples to follow] :)