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(Image: Angie Norwood Browne Photography)

Beacon Hill just got an 'elevated Dairy Queen'

Serving up frozen treats and delicious, deep-fried goodness, Milk Drunk is a family-friendly spot that has quickly become a bonafide hit in Beacon Hill.

"The goal we had on our mind from the outset was an elevated Dairy Queen," said Sara Knowles, co-owner of Milk Drunk. "A place that feels really comfortable and cozy and nostalgic but has a modern twist."

Milk Drunk is the brainchild of Knowles and her husband, Logan Cox. The name of the restaurant is a gentle nod to their daughter, and a reference new parents will certainly appreciate, while the concept is borne out fo the success of the soft-serve window at the couple's acclaimed restaurant Homer, which is located just a couple blocks away.

"We realized there was need in the neighborhood for a place that serves dessert. So, we thought let's expand the soft serve concept, but still have it be a place where you can come in with your kids and get a cocktail," explained Cox.

"And I think the Homer serve was a little more - we only have two flavors and it's a little more esoteric. So, we're doing flavors here that appeal to the masses a little bit more," added Knowles.

The soft serve menu features four stalwart flavors: vanilla, malted chocolate, rainier cherry and coconut fig leaf, along with two seasonal selections, served in a cup or homemade waffle cone. It's a full-fledged ice cream shop, with a savory side. Yes, Milk Drunk serves a selection of fried chicken sandwiches that folks are willing to wait for.

"The response has been amazing and overwhelming at the same time. We're selling out of chicken sandwiches basically every day because the line starts before we open and keeps going until we run out. We're extremely thankful for that," said Cox. "I just didn't realize the power of the chicken sandwich was that strong with people."

The power of fried chicken may be strong, but there's another menu item that pulled me towards the counter, the hard dip. A favorite childhood treat available in caramel, peanut butter or chocolate.

"It's part of the Americana history of every little child. It's like 'I love the ice cream with the hard dip'. It's amazing," said Cox. "And you can still enjoy it as an adult while having a cocktail."

Yes, this is feel good food. There's just something about a swirl of soft serve that's sure to make you smile.

"Not a lot of people in Seattle serve [soft serve]. So, I feel like we're lucky in the sense we have that sort of niche here in Beacon Hill," said Cox.

"I think it's also just because it is so fleeting," said Knowles. "You have to eat soft serve the moment you get it, so it forces you to live in the moment and be present."

Milk Drunk is located at 2805 Beacon Avenue South Seattle, WA 98144, and has socially distanced outdoor seating and a walk up window where you can order in person. Online ordering is coming soon!