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Photo: Courtesy Hiroki

Matcha's Having A Moment: Get Your Fill Here

Is it just us or are we beginning to see matcha blow up in a really big way? For those of you not in the know, matcha is essentially a fine powder made from green tea. From lattes to froyo and pastries, matcha can be incorporated into any number of confections, as you'll soon learn. Get your fill of the green stuff at any of the five following spots.

Matcha Latte at Moore Coffee Shop

You've likely seen scores of eye catching matcha latte art online over the past few months. Very light on the sweetness, Moore Coffee Shop's matcha latte is definitely one for the Instagram feeds. Pair this light and delicious latte with a pastry and you'll be in fighting form to conquer whatever comes your way.

Matcha Tiramisu at Hiroki

Traditionally made with coffee, Hiroki's unique take on an Italian classic is indeed a memorable one. If you're ready to try something a little different, we highly recommend this indelibly moist tea cake. Super fluffy and flavorful, you'll be dreaming about this tiramisu long after you try it.

Matcha Froyo at Citra

U District's Citra is a mecca of treats to fend off the dog days of summer. From bubble tea to froyo, pretty much everything on the menu here should do the trick, although we are partial to the matcha froyo. Delightfully green and super refreshing, you can sweeten the deal by decking out your soft serve with red bean and mochi.

Matcha Macaron at Fresh Flours

Matcha is an unexpected flavor for the traditionally French macaron, but it works oh so well. Perfectly chewy on the inside the way a macaron should be, we can't think of a better vessel to house our favorite tea flavor.

Matcha Danish at Fuji Bakery

Everything in the pastry case here is incredible, but the matcha danish at Fuji is a definite standout. After all, what better way to start off your day than combining tea with everyone's favorite pastry? Perfectly flakey and topped off with a layer of matcha, this pastry makes perfect use of matcha's subtle flavor.