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(Image: Paola Thomas / Seattle Refined).

Ballard restaurant makes entire menu Whole30-friendly for January 2019

And just when you thought the diet craze couldn't get ANY crazier.

Marine Hardware, an Ethan Stowell restaurant, is serving a rotating three course meal based around the Whole30 Diet. FINALLY. A restaurant that will literally NOT let you go off of your diet.

How many times have you been on a diet, go out to eat and just cannot resist an order of garlic fries or the brownie sundae?! SAME! OR when you just magically black out and find yourself in the Dairy Queen drive thru, with an Oreo Blizzard in tow?!?! Just kidding (kind of).

The menu is focused around delicious food with no sugar, grains, dairy or legumes. Here's a sample menu:

  1. First Course: Spice Carrot and Coconut Soup
  2. Second Course: Fennel and Celery Root Salad with citrus, olives and radicchio OR Roasted Winter Squash with pomegranate, zaatar and pepita
  3. Third Course: Poached Arctic Char with Castelvetrano olive, red onion and fennel relish OR Vinegar Braised Chicken with cipollini, mushroom and sweet potato

So - sorry 'bout it but you can't go anywhere for the whole month of January but Marine Hardware.

Happy dieting!