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Photo Courtesy: Lowrider Baking Co.

These aren't your grandma's chocolate chip cookies at Lowrider Baking Co.

Cookies just might be the ultimate comfort food.

Gooey, sweet and downright delicious. At Lowrider Baking Co., they're tapping into that nostalgia and turning up the cookie creativity.

"I almost want [our customers] to feel a mix of going back to childhood because, you know, cookies and childhood go hand-in-hand. So feeling that comfort of being a kid again, but then also experiencing it a new way," said Emily Allport, owner and founder of Lowrider Baking Co.

The menu is a mix of signature flavors like brown butter triple chocolate chunk, birthday cake and salted toffee pecan, and rotating seasonal favorites. Every single recipe was developed by Allport, a trained pastry chef, who left behind restaurant life to pursue her childhood dream of opening a bakery.

"I knew I wanted to start my own thing and I knew I wanted it to be cookies because after baking a lot of fancy stuff, I never craved fancy stuff," Allport explained. "I wanted to make something that I loved to eat on a daily basis, and that's cookies. I just love cookies. They're so fun. They're so approachable. Everybody loves cookies and you can change out the flavors. So I knew I wanted to pick one product line and just knock it out of the park."

For Emily, coming up with flavor combinations is simple.

"People ask me what's your inspiration and it's just like 'this is what I felt like eating at this moment' and so I made it a cookie."

But, when she and her husband tried to figure out what to name the business, things weren't quite so easy.

"I don't think we've ever argued as much as we have. It took us a month to figure out this name," said Allport with a laugh. "Eventually I just got fed up with all our arguing, and I was just like 'I'm going to call Lowrider'. It's [inspired by] our Dachshunds. We have two dachshunds, Smokey and Riley, and they're the best."

Lowrider developed a serious following at farmer's markets and pop-ups around Western Washington. Now, crowds are flocking to their retail location in the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall. It's open Saturdays from 11 am-6 pm and Sunday's from 11 am-4 pm.

To see how Emily makes her most popular cookie, brown butter triple chocolate chunk, check out the video above. Suffice it to say, they are unbelievably delicious. Perfectly chewy with just the right amount of crisp. So good that eating just one is definitely out of the question.