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Love at First Taste: We tried Snoqualmie Casino's entry in the Blended Burger competition

Snoqualmie Casino Executive Chef Justin Lee takes food seriously. He oversees an array of outstanding restaurants, from stunning fine-dining establishments like Vista Prime Steaks & Seafood and 12 Moons to casual eateries like Falls Buffet. At each, the menu is crafted to showcase local products, some grown right on the grounds at Snoqualmie Casino.

That’s right, the property is home to a 700-square foot garden that produces all kinds of organic veggies, from peppers to rainbow chard, even 15 different types of tomatoes. They’re grown in soil from food waste at the casino, so it’s not just a win for your palate, it’s also a win for the environment. Justin is putting those fresh tomatoes to good use. They’re a key component in a new burger that’s part of the James Beard Foundations 5th annual Blended Burger Project competition.

“It’s the James Beard Foundation's way of assisting with our sustainability," said Lee. "Washington has never won that competition, so we are really excited to be involved and we’re only going to use local products that are coming out of our garden. Hopefully we can take away a title and bring the first one to Washington."

For the competition, Lee is rolling the dice with his Chanterelle Burger, a blended burger that is 70 percent local beef, and 30 percent Chanterelle mushrooms and a ton more local ingredients.

"We’ve got our house-made roasted potato buns, black garlic a├»oli, local Chanterelle mushrooms and tomatoes," he said.

The casino's garden space produces all kinds of organic veggies that they're growing in soil from food waste at the casino. An all-around WIN for the environment!

Lee took home the trophy all three days at 2018’s Bite of Seattle, and just recently won first place in his category at Lamb Jam. Besides the Blended Burger Project, he’ll be competing June 21-23 at Taste of Tacoma as well!

After trying his Chanterelle Burger for ourselves, we'd have to say another trophy is on the way for Snoqualmie Casino and Chef Lee.

Snoqualmie Casino would love for you to try the Chanterelle Burger for yourself! Vista Prime Steaks and Seafood will feature this burger through July 31st as a part of the competition. Give it a try. They’d love your vote!