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(Image courtesy of Grandeza Orange Liqueur).

Next time you reach for a margarita, try it with orange liquor

When you're a kid, you dream of growing up to be a super hero, or a doctor, or a pilot. But some dreams are super duper specific - like dreaming of creating the first premium orange liquor in the Pacific Northwest.


That was Bernie Garcia's dream - and gosh darnitall if he didn't make that happen.

Garcia, the president and owner of Moctezuma’s Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar in Tukwila, just created a premium orange liqueur called Grandeza.

After years of developing it for his restaurant, the finished product is an authentic orange liqueur with flavors that will rock your socks off. Think bitter orange peels, sweet agave nectar, and a hint of vanilla - making it the perfect compliment to a margarita.

It was designed to not overpower or mask high-quality tequila the way cognac or brandy-based orange liqueurs do.

While he first started using the liquor only in drinks in his restaurant, he soon found folks were coming in specifically for that. Thinking maybe, just maybe, it could stand on it's own - Garcia decided to take the liquor to market! Grandeza is making its formal debut into the Seattle bevvy scene this month!

Sign us up! Sounds delicious. Learn more about Grandeza online!