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The lineup for a day's worth of Juicebox's winter cleanse. (Image: Megumi Shauna Arai)

Let loose with juice; where to get juice in Seattle

In the words of Rakim, 'Sip the juice, cause I got enough to go around', Seattle definitely has enough juice around town. Neighborhoods like Capitol Hill have a slew of great juice options and Downtown has a few at their consumption too. As we start a new year, more than likely most of us have vowed to exercise more and eat healthier as part of our resolutions (good luck!), adding juice to your regimen will help this goal.

Fresh-squeezed juice is a joyous thing; bursting with flavor, it's a revitalizing and energizing drink. Fortunately, for Seattle, there are a number of options to get your juice. Here is a handful that focus on being fresh-squeezed and delicious.

Assembly Juice & Coffee. This juice bar, a part of the massive Tom Douglas' Assembly Hall emporium inside the Via6 building, has a slew of fresh-squeezed and fresh-pressed juice options. They also have wheatgrass shots for a hit of healthy mega-greens in juice form. My favorite juice on the menu is the Grasshopper; a spicy concoction comprised of pineapple, lemon, ginger, and wheatgrass. As befits a Tom Douglas endeavor, the food from the juice bar is also worth checking out.

Healeo. Off of Madison Street in Capitol Hill is Healeo; a juice shop/café/supplement hybrid. Visit for their cold-pressed juices, partake in a juice cleanse, or to learn more about their robust vitamin and supplement selection. The shop has a cavalcade of information on healthy eating and living. What's also great about Healeo is their array of packaged juices you can grab and go. Additionally, their website enables you to order their supplements to be shipped to you.

Juicebox. What started as a stand at the Broadway Farmers Market and a pop-up at La Bête (now rebranded as Spaghetti Western) from two cooks, Juicebox now has permanent digs on 12th Ave in Capitol Hill for their organic juice. Juicebox is the brainchild of Brandin Myett and Kari Brunson. They loved juice and how invigorated they felt by adding it to their diet and enjoyed the creativity of playing around with flavors to make their juices. At their café, you can stop in for lunch along with grabbing a juice, or visit for dinner from Wednesday through Saturday. Juicebox also has a delivery program for their juice cleanse package.

With holidays in our rearview mirror, the chance to start the year with healthy eating is possible. Adding juice to your daily routine could be a chance to recalibrate your tastebuds and get your fill of fruits and vegetables. And yes, fresh fruit and vegetables can be expensive, so juice might come across as spendy. But so is that latte that most worker bees consume. Try switching it up for a week and get a juice instead of your coffee and see how much better you'll feel.