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(Image: Courtesy of Lady Jaye's Instagram @ladyjayewest)

Lady Jaye in West Seattle is smokin' hot, literally

On California Avenue in West Seattle, Lady Jaye is jammin' with takeout, booze and food.

"We like to smoke different unique styles of meats, bring a lot of great flavors together — kind of an American smokehouse and southern roots and a lot of northwest flair," said co-owner Evan Carter.

The menu changes all the time. On Wednesday you have taco night, with a smoked turkey leg and tortillas. Thursday is delicious burgers, Friday is steak night with filet mignon, Saturday is pork belly with mac and cheese and Sunday is smoked chicken. Is your mouth watering? Because mine sure is!

You could say Lady Jaye is quite literally smokin' hot. Out on the back patio sits a custom made smoker; it's actually an old modified air compressor from a bow and arrow factory — and man, the taste is on target! It's stuffed with applewood logs and smokes all day.

While I was there, the crew inside was whipping up one of my favorites: mashed potatoes. Lady Jaye goes through hundreds of pounds a week. The spuds are organic, and the recipe is deliciously simple — just toss in some kosher salt and add melted butter hot off the stove.

Lady Jaye is money with its mouth watering menu. And when it comes to booze, look out — Sara Rosales is the bar manager and co-owner, and she serves up custom pop and pours mixed drinks.

"We have to adapt. We've always been creative with our program. That's part of the fun the creativity aspect of it," said Rosales. "Having to adapt has been what we all enjoy doing. It's been kind of fun — it's as fun as it could be in this environment, so we're learning what works and what doesn't work. I knew that people want cocktails, I knew they wanted alcohol; it was some comfort for them, what we came up with."

Everything you need is already in the bottle. Each one has about three cocktails, and they're chilled, diluted and ready to go! If you don't finish it, put the cap back on and put it in the freezer. It'll stay for a week or two.

"We make a lot of comfort food here especially this day and age with what's happening around the world today. We just want to give an amazing meal, [an] amazing experience at a good price. That's really what we're doing," said Carter.

Lady Jaye is located in West Seattle at 4523 California Avenue SW. Click here for more information.