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These Muppet cookies were a fun challenge (Image: Katie Reed)

The cutest confections come from Katie the Cookie Bee

There are so many talented bakers in our area. From the charming couple behind The Funkycold Co., to Roxie Sieu of Rox Star Bakes, who makes adorable creations that are almost too cute to eat! When Katie Reed of Kirkland decorated some cookies for her nephew's birthday a few years ago, she fell in love with the process - and she discovered her passion. Refined caught up with Reed to hear about her recipe for success.

Seattle Refined: Katie Reed you are the artist and baker behind Katie the Cookie Bee. Can you tell us about your business?
Katie Reed: I do decorated sugar cookies [for] all kinds of events. It’s really fun to be creative.

There’s got to be a story behind the name.
We are coming up on my 8th wedding anniversary and my husband calls me ‘bee’. It sounds cutesy - like cookies are supposed to be, but also something that was kind of an inside thing for the two of us that’s memorable and fun.

How did you discover you had a passion for decorating cookies?
It was my nephew’s third birthday, so I made a little T-Rex and I was SO proud of it. And now of course, like any skill that you practice a lot, I look back and think 'Man you were such a beginner!'

By the quality and detail of your cookies I imagine you are working out of some big industrial kitchen space - but what’s the truth?
I’m a certified cottage food baker. I just transformed this little bit of my kitchen to where I sort of do all of my cookies. It does get a little crammed. The largest order I’ve ever done is 500. It was like - there was stacks and stacks and stacks of cookies going up to the ceiling!

What are some of your favorite designs so far?
I love logo cookies. I love figuring out how to take a piece of art and put it on to a cookie.

What’s been the most challenging cookie so far?
I did some 'Muppet' cookies. I surprised myself with how good they turned out!

Are you a natural artist?
No - no no no! For some reason for me there’s some sort of magic that happens between my brain and my hand when it comes to cookies.

Can anyone learn how to decorate cookies like a pro?
Yes. Everyone can make a cookie look amazing.

How to Decorate a Seattle Springtime Cookie

Supplies: A heart shaped cookie, scribe (a toothpick or a sizzle stick), royal icing in gray, yellow, light blue and white (tinted with food coloring) in plastic bags with just the tips cut off and a black food-safe marker.

  1. Start with a heart shaped cookie.
  2. Outline the cookie with white icing.
  3. Fill in the cookie with more white icing.
  4. While this white icing is still wet, take the gray color and pop little dots onto the white icing in the shape of a cloud.
  5. Make small dots with the blue icing and using the scribe, pull the dot up to make a raindrop shape. Repeat as desired.
  6. Make a slightly larger dot with the yellow icing to create a sun, and using the scribe, pull our from the center of the dot to make rays.
  7. Outline the shapes with a black food-safe marker if desired.

Once you have sunshine, clouds and rain - you have a perfect Seattle Springtime Cookie!

What’s your favorite part of the process?
When they’re done. When I get to hand them to the person, and then they look at them and they go ‘They’re so cool’! That’s my favorite part.

Katie Reed from Katie the Cookie Bee - thanks for letting us get a glimpse into your sweet world!

To see more of Katie the Cookie Bee's amazing designs, check out her website or follow Katie the Cookie Bee on Instagram.