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This is Nacho Mama's food truck (but it is a Nacho Food Truck)

Seattle has a pretty awesome food truck scene. And we are always on the hunt for the next best thing. So, when we heard about a truck serving up serious nachos... we had to check it out.

And, we don't want to hurt your mother's feelings, but these are definitely Nacho Mama's.

This food truck serves up creative corn chips and cheese, we're talking about nachos that are a notch (nach?) above the rest. Chris Curtiss and his wife, Sandra, opened Nacho Mama's Food Truck nearly a year ago. It was a no brainer since their cheesy romance started over...what else...nachos.

"We are obsessed with nachos," said Curtiss. "On our first date, my wife ordered nachos. I fell in love with her and nachos."

"Chris thought that was my appetizer and I was going to keep eating," continued Sandra. "But, I got a giant plate of nachos. It was mine, I wasn't sharing."

Now, they share a passion for their food truck and nachos with a twist, including Buffalo Chicken Nachos, Cajun Nachos, Aloha Pork Belly Nachos, Cheeseburger Nachos and Street Corn Nachos. (Check out the menu.)

You can find Nacho Mama's at local breweries and wineries all around town. For their next stop, check here.