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Best news for West Seattle! Famed pasta spot Il Corvo will open sister restaurant on Alki

Word came through last week that pasta maestro Micheal Easton of Pioneer Square’s Il Corvo will be opening his next restaurant, Il Nido on Alki Beach next year. To say this is huge news for the Seattle restaurant scene would be an understatement. And the happy eaters ready for more from Easton will have to patiently (most likely impatiently) await for Il Nido’s opening.

There are a number of reasons why the coming opening of Il Nido ('The Nest' in Italian) is exciting for eaters of Seattle.

  • Easton is one of the preeminent chefs in the city with a continually packed restaurant in Il Corvo and accolades like James Beard nominations as part of his CV. When he opened Il Corvo at its original location on the Pike Hillclimb it was a phenomenon. Perpetually packed crowds throwing down with some of the finest pasta in Seattle. That location was so popular and thriving that they needed a bigger space which happened when they moved to James Street about five years ago. Now there will be another restaurant to partake in his pasta.
  • The space that Il Nido is moving into is iconic and this new restaurant aims to continue that legacy. This location operated as the Alki Homestead for decades and I loved that restaurant. A fire closed the restaurant and ever since it has been a slow crawl to reopen and restore the space, and now Il Nido can be a part of the next chapter of that location.
  • At Il Nido, Easton is planning on continuing his panache with Italian cuisine driven by seasonal produce. With a dinner service, Easton and his team at Il Nido can feature the more labor-intensive pasta they don’t have time to make at Il Corvo. Expect to see things like tortelli or ravioli, and maybe if we’re lucky he’ll have pan-fried chicken all parmigiana as a nod to the legacy of Alki Homestead’s cast iron fried chicken.
  • A new restaurant to Alki Beach is an exciting proposition. Alki has always been a destination to many in Seattle who come to relax on the beach, go for a run, or throw in some beach volleyball. But at times, it can have a seasonal vibe. Summers will always be busy, and with the coming opening of Il Nido, there can now be another destination to seek out on Alki. And, the lucky neighborhood of Alki Beach has a potential ace to call their neighborhood restaurant.

Next time you’re in West Seattle, swing by Alki Beach, head to 61st Ave, and check out the log cabin that will be Il Nido. Their neon sign has been put up and the steady progress to the opening of Il Nido continues (check out their Instagram to follow along). Michael Easton and his wife Victoria will be doing the design work (with Easton planning on doing a lot of it himself) with the goal of having a timeless dinner spot as a sibling to their timeless lunch spot.