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(Image courtesy of The Filling Stations).

In search of the best burger and fries? Try Fairhaven's 'The Filling Station'

It was by happenstance that my husband and I found our way to The Filling Station in Bellingham for dinner. And I’m so happy we did! This burger joint is our #1 pick these days!

A spur of the moment date night (who doesn’t love those!) led us on a drive north. We didn’t know exactly where we were headed, but Bellingham’s Fairhaven District never disappoints so we decided to research a final destination on the way.

I stumbled across The Filling Station on Yelp and after a glance at the menu, I knew we had struck gold. Or, should I say won a classic car competition ...

That’s right, The Filling Station is a classic, but hip car-themed restaurant. There, you’ll not only inhale an amazing meal, but you’ll enjoy it in a fun atmosphere. Decorated with license plates and car memorabilia, The Filling Station is a casual, family-friendly place. I adore how they’ve carried the theme throughout the menu and can wholeheartedly recommend the El Camino - a pasture raised beef patty topped with pepperjack cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, diced jalapeƱos, tortilla strips, and sriracha mayo perfectly sandwiched on an Avenue Bread (another Bellingham hot spot) sesame bun.

Is your mouth watering yet? Or, shall I continue?

Of course you’re wondering what comes on the side, and that is possibly what makes The Filling Station a must eat in my book.

The amazing burgers are made extra fabulous thanks to their side - tire treads! The Filling Station serves each burger with their signature fries called tire treads. Think half French fry half potato wedge. Basically, crispy, seasoned perfection. Choose your dip - they have a great assortment - and get ready to dig in to a delicious meal.

Will you order the Thunderbird? Jaguar? Delorean or The Hearse? Or, is the Volt or Tesla salad more your style? Doing Keto and want a bunless burger? Just ask for a “ConvertiBowl”. With that you’ll get any burger served on a bed greens with tomato and avocado (and no tempting fries, although, if you’re going to cheat, tire treads are SO WORTH IT). Vegan? The Filling Station has you covered with a house-made black bean quinoa patty.

Naturally, milkshakes are available as are custom cocktails and on tap and bottled/canned beers. But, if you’re looking for a real treat, be sure to give the self-service Bloody Mary Station a go!

Open 11am to 9pm every day of the week, The Filling Station is no doubt home of the very best burger and fries. Don’t believe me? Give them a try and see for yourself! You can pop into the Fairhaven location ASAP or hold out for the grand opening of The Filling Station 2.0 in Bellingham’s Sunnyland in early 2019 - stay tuned on Facebook for details on that!