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Heyday Farm Sign and House.jpg
Photo Courtesy: Jess Goldwater / Heyday Farm

Heyday Farm is a foodie's dream & hidden gem on Bainbridge Island

It's located on Bainbridge Island, just a quick 15 minute drive from the ferry terminal, yet Heyday Farm feels like a quiet, idyllic retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

"Heyday Farm is a restaurant, it's an event center for private parties, it's a wedding venue and it's a bed and breakfast," explained Jess Goldwater, co-owner of Heyday Farm. "We love nothing more than showing this place off. You walk the grounds here and just soak in the beauty of this farmhouse and the gardens. It's a really special feeling."

"We put a lot of love and care into what we do," added Tad Mitsui, co-owner and executive chef of Heyday Farm. "There's passion that comes out in the food we make and the service we provide. When customers come here they really feel like they're taken care of."

Jess and Tad also own the nearby BI Fish Company and Heyday Market, where locals and visitors alike can purchase an array of farm fresh products. The space at Heyday Farm is all about relaxing and reconnecting. It seems like there's something stunning through every door from the gorgeously restored barn, used for weddings and private parties, to the stunning gardens, which guests can wonder during Heyday Farm's ultra-popular public dinners and culinary retreats.

"We have a lot of edible flowers and herbs, cucumbers, tomatoes, even strawberries this late in the season," explained Tad as we walked the garden grabbing tomatillos and fresh parsley to cook up in the kitchen. "Part of what makes this garden special is that we can grow unique vegetables. We don't necessarily produce a mass amount, but we get to use them on the menu here and show customers ingredients they aren't used to seeing all the time."

We sampled sorrel, a lemony herb often used in seafood dishes, along with fresh asparagus and impossibly small cucumbers, the kitchen team often pickles or throws into salads. As for those late season strawberries, they were so sweet, taking me back to memories of picking strawberries in my mom's garden as a child.

Back in the kitchen, Tad went to work whipping up a lunch of Heyday Farm pork chops with chimichurri and pan roasted tomatillos.

"It's like having the garden right on your plate. There will be some citrus and some acid, some nice herbiness to it. Our pork is really moist and stays delicious with what we put with it. It's going to be delicious," Tad told me.

He was right. Simple, clean flavors, prepared exceedingly well. The perfect bite to wrap up a delicious adventure at Heyday Farm.