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(Image: KIPMAN Creative)

Bet your bottom dollar on Smith Tower's $25 cocktail, the Daddy Warbucks

At the Observatory Bar on the top of Smith Tower, you can just drink in the views right along with the cocktails.

And there's one new cocktail on their summer menu you may want to bet your bottom (and middle, and top) dollar on - the Daddy Warbucks, a $25 personalized cocktail made just for you.

"Lots of bars around the country, you go in and you’re looking for a specific cocktail," said bartender Mark Sassi.

Let's say you want a Manhattan, but also want to see what the bartender can do with it.

"That allows the bartender the opportunity to flex their muscles a little bit," he said. "And give you something familiar but different."

That's the idea behind the Daddy Warbucks. Walk in and tell the bartender what you're in the mood for, any dietary restrictions or flavor preferences, and sit back and let them do the rest. That's what our host Gaard Swanson did, and check out the drink he was served up (full video above).

"It’s the perfect blend of history and contemporary mixology," said Smith Tower General Manager David Lennon.

You can get a cocktail anywhere, but something that is yours, unique to you that no one else can get? Now that really makes you feel special.

Hurry and catch the Daddy Warbucks (and the rest of the Smith's summer menu) while it lasts. Enjoy!