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Swing by Brew at the Zoo on October 5th to samples beer and cider from 50+ breweries and spend time with your best animal buds while supporting conservation efforts.

Have a ball with your animal buddies at this year's Brew at the Zoo

Is there anything better than raising a glass for a great cause while enjoying the company of majestic animals?

While you try to come up with an answer, we’ll give you a rundown on Brew at the Zoo, a fun-filled fundraiser for Woodland Park Zoo on Thursday, October 5 from 6-9 pm.

Event basics

Over fifty brewers of beer and cider will come to the zoo to share drink samples with event attendees. Your ticket to Brew at the Zoo will get you admission to the event, seven (7) tasting tickets and encounters with the zoo’s official ambassador animals. You’ll also have access to two of the zoo’s most popular exhibits: Jaguar Cove and Humboldt Penguins.

Sampling stations will be indoors and outdoors. Wander around tasting cold frothy brews while you delight in the captivating grace of the jaguars and the endearingly awkward waddling of the penguins. Guests who spring for a VIP ticket will also have access to the Tropical Rainforest Exhibit which is home to animals like the poison dart frog, ocelot and toucan.

VIP perks

Of course, a VIP ticket will get you a lot more than a chance to glance at a toucan! VIP guests will enjoy early entry to the event at 5 pm, access to a yummy buffet, a souvenir tasting glass, extra tasting tickets, a pack of four general admission zoo tickets to use during regular hours and an exclusive animal encounter with an animal ambassador.

All told, it’s a pretty sweet deal for the beer and animal lovers among us.

Great brews

There will be over 50 breweries in attendance; some hyper-local like Seattle’s Mac & Jack’s Brewing Company, some local to Washington like Diamond Knot Craft Brewing and some that call other parts of the country home.

Cider fans out there will be glad to see Pear Up, Portland Cider Company, Schilling Cider, Seattle Cider Company and Woodinville Ciderworks on the list of participating breweries. Seeking a specific beer brewer or curious about which companies will show up? You can see the full list here.

Huge impact

Attending Brew at the Zoo is definitely about drinking with friends, but it’s also about more than that. Ticket sales, raffle sales and sales of extra tasting tickets all support Woodland Park Zoo’s education and conservation programs.

Some of the programs, like Living Northwest, support conservation locally. By engaging the community in behaviors that protect local animals like bears and encouraging volunteers to help by monitoring local amphibian and otter populations, the zoo collects key data and teaches members of our community to be stewards of our local ecosystems.

Other programs help conservation efforts on a larger scale. Woodland Park Zoo’s Partners for Wildlife Program supports habitat and species conservation all over the world. A few projects the zoo has supported include Hutan Asian Elephant Conservation, Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program in Papua New Guinea and the Ruaha Carnivore Project.

If you care about a sustainable future for people and animals on a local and global scale, attending Brew at the Zoo is an easy way to take a stand while enjoying a fabulous evening of fun.

Cheers to that! To get complete event details for Brew at the Zoo and buy your ticket, visit The penguins can’t wait to see you there.