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(Image: Kidstir)

Get your kids in the kitchen with a free cooking kit

Hey moms and dads! It’s time to step away from the workbooks and online resources and welcome a new learning opportunity to the table ...

Meet Kidstir, a kids cooking kit eager to “spark a love of good food in your kids”. Can I get an amen?

When I invite my kids into the kitchen, it’s almost a given that they’ll try new foods. It makes sense, when they invest in the meal, it’s appetizing to mind, body, and soul to sit down and sample your handiwork.

Kidstir makes that process easy; starting with an exciting mail delivery addressed directly to the kids.

Each subscription box comes packed with three kid-friendly recipes, beautifully photographed with a step-by-step guide to creating something scrumptious. In addition to recipes that build month by month to create a kid’s cookbook, each box includes cooking tools, food learning pages, fun games, and an extra surprise that varies month to month. Parents also receive a digital and paper ingredient shopping list.

It’s easy to view school and learning as a sit down, quiet activity. But truly, it’s the hands-on, making memories, making mistakes (we’ve accidentally done the sugar/salt mix up before!) kind of activities that really lock in learning. And that’s what makes the kitchen a perfect classroom. Not only does cooking excite kids about food, it bonds them with a parent or caregiver all while providing countless opportunities for practicing measurements, fractions, temperature, reading comprehension, kitchen safety, and patience.

Science? Check. Nutrition? Check. Life skills? Check!

Talk about lessons in the kitchen for the win...oh, and you get a yummy meal out of it too?! YES!

Kidstir is normally $24.99 a month but in light of current events they are giving away 15, 000 kits FOR FREE - just pay $4 shipping. Kits are also available in 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month increments and all subscribers receive a 2 years Magazine Subscription to Real Simple, Parents or All Recipes magazines as a thank you bonus. Yes, parents get something out of the Kidstir magic too! Yay! A cookbook binder and sibling cooking tools can be added at checkout to make one box sufficient for a whole family.

Order your free kit and turn this crisis into a food learning experience with your kids!