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Fonté Café and Coffee Roaster is a premium independent roaster that has been in business in downtown Seattle since 1992. (Image: Fonté Coffee)

Get Educated: Coffee of the Month Club

Usually our mantra is be a leader, not a follower. Don't join the club, create the club!

We're changing our tune slightly for this club, but only because it's Seattle and it's coffee. Fonté Café and Coffee Roaster in downtown Seattle is starting up its own Coffee of the Month club.

Here's the best part - the membership to the club comes with a free one hour lesson on the ins and outs of each month's specialty roast. This is perfect for the Seattleite who knows they love coffee, but not much else. AKA me.

I don't know about everyone else, but my friends and family from other states deem me Coffee Master simply because I used to work at Starbucks and I live in Seattle. And while yes, I do love coffee - if you were to ask me to suggest a roast for someone who enjoys La Providencia beans, dark blends with low acidity and full body - I would be lost. I would try and save face and probably make something up.

Now picture this: me getting a bag of Fonté's Coffee of the Month, going home and brewing a cup, and then heading to their tasting class led by Master Roaster Steve Smith. I'd get all the talking points on terrior, history, region and coffee cupping (?) and be armed and ready at my next happy hour, dinner party, or water cooler conversation at the office (with my nose slightly turned up and maybe my pinky out). Victory!

Sounds like a dream to me (but if you confront me at the class about this article I will deny deny deny).

The next couple coffees of the month are as follows: Guatemala Antigua for September, F2 in October, El Salvador in November, Holiday Blend for December, Kenya in January and Bin 16 for February.

Classes are held at Fonté Café on First Ave at 5:30 on the fourth Thursday of each month. Participants in the Club also get 15% off a pound of whole bean coffee, $5 off a Fonte logoed Klean Kanteen, and discounts on Clever Coffee Drippers and French presses as well when they buy the Coffee of the Month ($20) as well.