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True Life: My Toddler is Better at Baking Than Me. (Image: Kate Neidigh / Seattle Refined)

A culinary academy for kids just opened in U-Village

I'm not talented in the kitchen, mainly because I don't really enjoy cooking. Why? Because I have no idea what I'm doing. But just because I suck at cooking, doesn't mean I shouldn't give my kiddo a chance to find enjoyment in the task. Enter - FrogLegs Culinary Academy. They take care of creating, teaching and the best part - cleaning in the kitchen.

My toddler and I just took a baking class at the newly opened University Village location with Mrs. Froglegs herself and you guys - it was so perfect! My daughter literally won't stop talking about it.

A little back story - Mrs. Froglegs actually started offering cooking classes more than 10 years ago from her home. They were such a hit that friends and family insisted she start the academy. With kids of her own, at one point she even considered starting a preschool but a good friend suggested the cooking school and the idea stuck. Fast forward to today and Mrs. Froglegs is living her dream with two locations, one in U-Village and the other in Kirkland.

Here's just some of what the academy offers

  • Weekly Culinary Adventure Classes and Weekend Classes: Just in time for Halloween, they provide the tools to make a Spooktacular cake that is as sweet, spooky or scary as you’d like. There's tons of weekend class options for your kiddos to help you get into the Fall spirit.
  • Teen and Tween Classes: The offerings depend on the season/location. A sampling of current classes include French pastries, a macron workshop, dumplings, Italian pasta and baking pies.
  • Birthday Parties: Heck yes! They host the party and clean up the mess!
  • Group Classes, Schools Groups and Field Trips: There's a wide array of programs that can suit your needs whether it is baking or cooking they can accommodate a fun class that is perfect for girl and boy scouts, soccer and athletic team parties, school field trips and more.

FYI, FrogLegs Culinary Academy isn't just for kids, they also offer a variety of cooking classes for adults. Can you say DATE NIGHT anyone! Or girls night - or really just any night!

I have to say - I've been inspired! Since participating in class my daughter and I have been baking together at home. Me, baking?! My husband may have just dropped dead while reading that. We can't wait to go back to learn more! For more information go HERE.