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(Image: Foggy Noggin)

One of the best breweries in town is at Jim's house

Breweries come in all shapes and sizes, and Foggy Noggin Brewing in Bothell puts the "nano" in "nano-brewery."

It's a bar, in a garage, at Jim's house. And it's a blast!

“I blame my wife because, in 1992 she bought me that home brewing kit right there, for a Christmas present," said Jim Jamison, Fogg Noggin's founder." And that started the whole problem.”

Jamison produces about 240 batches a year, which makes about 100 barrels of beer. Which is very, very small for a brewery. Jamison's home bar/brewery is 600 square feet, the maximum allowed by his license, 200 for the brewery and 400 for the tasting room. It's cozy, but customers say that's part of the appeal.

“[We] come here pretty much every weekend, meet some great people, drink some great beer, and have a good time,” customer Mark McCullough said. The bar is open Saturdays year-round from 12 - 5 p.m. and one Friday a month. Dogs are welcome!

Want to visit Foggy Noggin? More info online.