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Feastfox: Get Seattle restaurant recommendations for any occasion

It's a question we've all asked before — "where do you want to eat?"

Man, getting asked this question stresses me out. Regardless of who I'm with — friend, family or a date (haha, rare) — how am I supposed to know what they want? What if they don't want what I want, but then they feel obligated to eat where I say? It's too much pressure, and I don't want that on my conscious.

*Feastfox enters the chat*

Whether it's an anniversary, business meeting or a casual happy hour, Feastfox is a "smart restaurant recommendation" site. Users get dining recommendations based on their preferences and occasion by using the platform, which launched in Seattle in June.

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Feastfox uses review sites and publications like Yelp, Google and Eater to gather data about local businesses to give recommendations.

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Many Seattle restaurants have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and the closures that happened because of it. While many news sites and publications have running lists of what is open (check out ours here), it can still be confusing for diners. Daniel Petz, founder and CEO of Feastfox, said the platform automatically incorporates recent information about hours, location and service options that can help with confusion.

Initially, Feastfox was intended to be a subscription-based service. But, because of COVID-19, subscription fees will be waived through Aug. 31.

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