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(Image Courtesy: Dr. Sarah Myhre)

Fart Cat Candy Store: A 7-year-old's pandemic business venture

Are you looking to spoil your sweetheart? Or maybe just craving a tasty handmade treat? Consider checking out Seattle's buzziest and certainly best-named online candy store, Fart Cat.

"We make candy," said 7-year-old Ansel Moffitt.

"I don't want to speak for you, but we're running a pandemic family business," added Ansel's mom, Dr. Sarah Myhre. "We are helping all of us do something fun and silly together and also selling candy."

Ansel is the CIO, Chief Idea Officer, of Fart Cat Candy Store, running the show with help from mom and stepdad, Zac Reynolds. The idea for this family business, well, it all started with the name.

"At school I saw this picture of a cat. Then I drew [the cat] and made it look like it was farting. I [wrote] 'fart cat for sale' in the middle," explained Ansel.

"When it was 'for sale' it was an obvious project that had to be done," added Reynolds.

The picture of fart cat was spark of inspiration, the logo. The candy part? It happened by chance. What was supposed to be a project, making caramels and marshmallows for family and friends, took on a life of its own.

"It's so silly. It's so ridiculous. It's just spreading joy and chuckles. So, [the business] was a vehicle for us to have some joy and chuckles. The whimsiness of it really supported us during the pandemic," Myhre told me.

"My teeth are loose. They're really loose," interjected Ansel.

Now Ansel, loose teeth and all, is helping run a full-fledged business selling Fart Cat t-shirts and stickers, holiday-themed treat boxes, fruit leathers and, of course, their signature caramels. It helps that Reynolds knows his way around the kitchen. He's the chef and owner of Cook Weaver on Capitol Hill. But, this chef is the first to admit he's not a professional candy maker.

"It's hard to make [a thousand] caramels in a pot. [You've got] like six different pots of sugar and spoons and temp thermometers. It's not that easy," explained Reynolds.

"I thought you were a professional," said Myhre.

"I'm getting better at it," replied Reynolds with a laugh.

Yes, he certainly is. Fart Cat Candy Store continues to grow thanks, in large part, to word of mouth. The money the family makes goes towards Ansel's college fund and donations to local charities like FareStart. As long as Fart Cat continues to make people happy this family plans to keep their business going.

"We miss people. We miss [seeing] our neighbors," said Myhre. "We know people have been struggling and we're thinking about all the people who are suffering right now. So, I think we just want to share some joy."