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We've all been there.

Eating the Evolve 180 way at home

We've all been there. You're trying to lose weight and get healthy, so you wake up Monday morning, telling yourself, "Today I'm going to be good about my food choices."

Then a coworker brings a dozen donuts into the office. So, you have one. Then two.

So, you wake up on Tuesday and say, "TODAY, I'm going to make good choices." And then you open your pantry and see that package of Oreos you forgot about. So, you finish off the box. And the cycle continues.

The best way to break the cycle of bad food choices? Have a plan and someone to hold you accountable to that plan. That's where Evolve 180 comes in. In addition to offering a full, complimentary body composition reading and a deeper understanding of your own motivations for why you choose the foods that you do, the Bellevue weight loss studio gives you an easy-to-follow, customized plan that you'll actually enjoy following!

What does that look like? Healthy, whole foods, like organic greens, eggs, shredded deli chicken and cauliflower (in all forms) are staples in Evolve 180 owner Sherene Kershner's kitchen. But she says protecting muscle mass while losing weight is incredibly important, so Evolve180 has assembled about 40 different protein supplements to enhance your meal plan – and we're not talking about a scoop of protein powder. Think cereal, soup, muffins, and even hot chocolate and chips!

Kershner says besides re-balancing the body's metabolic system and promoting weight loss, following the Evolve 180 plan just makes you feel better. "The most profound thing for me on this plan is that within days, all of my achiness, joint pain, sleepiness, and heartburn just disappear. I feel a consistent amount of buzzy energy."

In addition to the physical improvements, Kershner says the Evolve 180 plan brings what she calls "food peace." She says, "[It's] not so much that we are excited about the foods we are now eating, but that we are not miserable without the foods we used to eat." And that leads to sustainable, long-term weight loss.

The process to get started with Evolve 180 is fast, easy, and includes grocery shopping guidance, weekly visits to keep you motivated and accountable, and even tips for navigating food in social situations. Once you've hit your weight loss goal, they'll even guide you into a complimentary, built-in maintenance plan so that you can keep the weight off for good.

Ready to break the cycle of bad food choices? Call Evolve 180 to get started today.

Evolve 180 is a weight loss studio in Bellevue. Their customized weight loss solutions help you slim down in a way that works with your body and your life. Visit or call 425-442-5626 to learn more.