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The current bestselling drinks at Sip House are Mojito Coffee, Ube Coffee, Coffee Crema, Lychee Lemongrass Tea, and Peach Lemongrass Tea. (Image: Sip House)

Bubble, Boba, Sip & Drip! 4 new cafe & tea shops open in Seattle

When you think of the year 2020 - many things immediately come to mind. We are guessing one of them isn't the surge of Seattle area boba tea, bubble tea, drip tea and cafes open to open, right? We've spotted four that have opened this year before or during the pandemic, and have stayed open for to-go, drive through and takeout orders only.

Sip House

Opened late July
5001 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105
Delivery through Chowbus, Door Dash & Uber Eats
Order ahead & pickup available

A Vietnamese coffee shop inspired by those owner Hau Nguyen saw when she last visited Vietnam. “The lemongrass fruit teas have been popular for a few years in Vietnam, but I haven’t seen it done here,” she said. The current bestselling drinks are Mojito Coffee, Ube Coffee, Coffee Crema, Lychee Lemongrass Tea, and Peach Lemongrass Tea.

As Sip House is located at the Ave., it was designed to be an early morning to late night spot where students can have a place to hang out when full capacity dining is allowed again. Expect some baked delicacies the next few weeks as Sip House is partnering with @Intotheoven on Instagram for Choux, Boba Cakes, and Vietnamese Cupcakes!

Coffeeholic House

3700 S Hudson St, Seattle, WA 98118
Order ahead & pickup available

Chen Dien and wife Trang Cao opened Coffeeholic House on March 17th, at the very beginning of the pandemic. After that they closed for two weeks to encourage people to stay home. Their current bestsellers are Coffeeholic Dream, Ube latte, Vietnamese coffee, Whitehazel latte and Bac Siu. A secret? You can add Ube drizzle to your Coffeeholic Dream!

Mangosteen X Boba Bar Seattle

1314 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98144

Boba Bar Seattle opened this May. “This fresh fruit boba and coffee concept [was] supposed to be launched on the street, but due to COVID we were not able to do any festivals. My partners and I decided to open it at the Pho Bac Boat that Yenvy and her siblings graciously allowed us to use during COVID. It's our temporary home till we find a more permanent location,” said Thai Ha, one of the owners (also of Mangosteen, doing Seattle street festivals, farmers markets, catering, and music festivals).

Popular drinks? The Mangonada, the most popular drink on the menu using chamoy, fresh mango smoothie, Tajin seasoning and fresh mango chunks. Super Mango, a fresh mango smoothie using champagne mangos with coconut cream and fresh mango chunks is also popular.

Drip Tea

1416 10th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122
Online order and delivery through Caviar

Drip Tea in Capitol Hill opened before the pandemic with popular drinks Boba Bubble Tea, Bearyaki Soft Serve, and Bear Bottles, according to Paul Known, co-owner alongside Justin Nguyen & Lena Phan. The shop is open for takeout and dine in with limited seating. I recommend the creamy black milk tea boba!

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Lula Coffee Co.

4451 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

The opening party was held January just weeks before the stay-at-home order, but Lula Coffee remains open as a drive-through and take out coffee shop since then. Owned by coffee veteran Taylor Platt, the café offers a variety of mainstream cups of joe but also more innovative creations.

Try bestseller Wake & Bake, a brown sugar cinnamon latte with hemp milk and the Collagen Dropout, a vanilla shortbread latte made with collagen powder. Most drinks are served iced during the summer and while waiting for yours, admire the colorful, inspiring mural by local artist Tori Kirihara and wish for better days when you can have your turmeric latte comfortably seated with your laptop.