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Dotties double 1.JPG
Dottie's Double Wide in White Center (credit: RJB Photography)

Dottie's Double Wide is Seattle's newest trashy *and* classy bar

As you can imagine, we get a lot of pitches at Seattle Refined to go check out the latest and greatest restaurants and bars in the city. We LOVE all the tips, but there was one recently that really intrigued us.

Three words: Dottie's Double Wide.

The new dive bar in White Center explodes with character and takes you back to a much groovier time. The experience begins with the vintage trailer door- just a taste of what to expect inside.

"The front door is a little unassuming from the inside," said co-owner BJ Kaiser. "People don't know what to expect walking through it, but once they walk through it they see what's going on and it's like warping into a whole other world. We're in your Grandma's basement."

Dottie's decor is far out! There's velvet paintings, retro vinyls and even plastic-covered couches.

But the record player is really the star.

"It's one of the hugest things we were able to pull off here," said co-owner Nate Rezac. "It's not easy to have a record collection where customers can use it. Most of the time you will be hearing straight vinyl."

But it's not just the decor that's attracting people - the food alone is worth the trip. Dottie's Double Wide is known for their tacos, like The Winnie Drop, which has fried avocado. They also have BACON-WRAPPED HOT DOGS! YUM!

To top it all off, you can get two-for-one margaritas during happy hour and a good brunch on the weekends.

There's just one more question: Who's Dottie?

"She's a trashy, drinking lady," said bartender Darci Carlson. "Dottie's Double Wide: a little bit of trash, a little bit of class."