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(Image: Chona Kasinger / Seattle Refined)

So far, Seattle's 2020 delivery food habits are *very* on-brand

Could you imagine spending $2,578 on food delivery?

Well, to date, that's the most money spent on a DoorDash delivery in 2020 — 70 orders of Mediterranean herb chicken, 40 orders of grilled vegetables and 20 cheese plates. I've been known to spend my fair share of $$ on delivery food, but this is really something else.

We got this data from the delivery app's just-released "Deep Dish Report," which is filled with information about the top dishes and food trends of the year as the first half comes to a close. This year is obviously a bit different since we're in the midst of a pandemic, so the report also includes data about what people ate/felt during quarantine.

DoorDash has used order data from Jan. 1 to June 30, as well as info from a national consumer survey that polled 2,000 people to compile this report.

So, what food item did Seattle order the most? Seafood!

I mean, this absolutely makes sense. Our city's top items ordered have been dishes like California & spicy tuna rolls, fish & chips, crab rangoon and tartar sauce.

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When it comes to breakfast, lunch and dinner on the West Coast, according to the data, the food we ate the most was:

  • Breakfast: breakfast burritos, bacon, French toast, lattes, pancakes
  • Lunch: Create your own pizza, miso soup, veggie spring rolls, chicken egg rolls and orange chicken
  • Dinner: chicken tikka masala, spicy tuna rolls, Mongolian beef, bean burritos and dragon rolls
  • Late Night: stuffed jalapenos, mini churros, cheesecake, horchata and fried zucchini

And here are some other interesting takeaways from the DoorDash Deep Dish report:

  • Denver is obsessed with cheese
  • Atlanta has a sweet tooth
  • The top condiment of 2020 so far is ranch
  • People missed eating out at restaurants, specifically Mexican food and margaritas and sushi
  • The top 5 food items ordered in the United States as a whole were chicken sandwich + fries, mac & cheese, spicy shrimp tacos, make your own pizza and ice coffee