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Soda Jerk ditches the sugary syrups, making soda from fresh ingredients like real fruit and natural cane sugar, and proudly displays the ingredients on the side of their truck. (Image: Sy Bean / Seattle Refined)

Don't be a Jerk. Try this Soda

You know you’ve got a problem when you find yourself trekking to a farmer’s market two neighborhoods away every single Thursday after work, for a 16 oz soda.

I first fell in love with Soda Jerk’s lavender lemonade back in 2013, shortly after Cory Clark started the little-business-that-could out of his home kitchen. In the blur of the last four years, Clark and his loyal sous chef (and incredibly cute) dog Maggie have been gracing Seattle farmers markets with naturally sourced carbonated goodness.

The whole idea behind Soda Jerk was basic: take the traditional soda brands, and add a twist (his company name even references the "jerks" who used to mix syrups into sodas at old fashion soda fountains.) You definitely won't find any artificial syrups in Clark's business - just the perfect sprinkle of sophistication, natural flavors and local ingredients.

Oh - and the cutest little soda mobile you ever did see!

When you walk up to the trendy little mobile, the first thing you notice is all the crazy flavor combinations, most of which I have shamelessly sampled. From cherry lime to raspberry jalapeño - I feel pretty confident in promising you'll find a flavor you love. But there’s more to Soda Jerk than just the wild flavor combinations. Clark ditches the sugary syrups, making his soda from fresh ingredients like real fruit and natural cane sugar, and proudly displays the ingredients on the side of his truck. And of course, in true Seattle form, Soda Jerk also uses 100 percent compostable serving materials at all events, and offers a deposit program to encourage recycling of the larger growlers.

Has my obsession made you want to try yet? If not, hopefully the newest addition to the Soda Jerk empire will.


Yup, that’s right! On the website, you can find a perfectly curated cocktail list, featuring some of Soda Jerk’s most popular flavors, guaranteed to please guests at your next BBQ. And if you make up your own creation, submit it to him and Clark just might add it to the growing list of cocktail recipes on his site.

So now you’re likely asking yourself, where can I find Soda Jerk Soda as fast as possible? As of now, Soda Jerk is only available on tap at select farmer’s markets and festivals (complete list online). And stay tuned, because Clark has some big plans. With the help of a more permanent kitchen facility, Clark hopes to have Soda Jerk soda bottled and available in grocery stores near you very soon.

But seriously, one sip of any of these tasty favors, and you'll be tossing your La Croix aside.