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My dog, Lummi, waiting for her roasted pork skin treat. (Image: Frank Guanco)

Treat Yo Dog: No seriously, here are the best places to get dog (& human) treats in town

Seattle is dog-crazy. We love them. We love taking them to our dog parks (whether indoor or outdoor). We love sharing pictures of our latest puppy pals. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thankfully a few eateries around town have treats for both you and your pup. Think of this as treating yo self and yo best friend’s self.

Dahlia Bakery
This long-time bakery from the Tom Douglas Restaurants crew has been serving up baked goods, sandwiches, and doughnuts for years. Dahlia Bakery is home to one of my favorite breakfast sandwiches and you can always pop-in for a bite of their famous coconut cream pie. They also serve up a tasty treat for your pup as well. Bacon and peanut butter are the flavors and they are sold as singles or a pack of six. Our Bernese Mountain Dog, Lummi, is a fan and she comes running upon hearing the crinkle of the cellophane. While you’re there and getting your pup a treat, load up on the Dahlia Bakery Peanut Butter cookie. Nicknamed the ‘Nora’ after the late film director Nora Ephron ('Sleepless in Seattle', 'You've Got Mail'), as she loved this cookie so much. And after trying it you can see why; two peanut butter cookies sandwiches with housemade peanut butter filling. Pure delight.

Slab Sandwich + Pie
When John Sundstrom and team were readying the reopening of the venerable Lark in Capitol Hill’s Central Agency building, they also announced their sandwich shop, Slab Sandwich + Pie. It’s home to one of my favorite chocolate chip cookies in town and a rotating menu of sandwiches that you can level up by adding crispy chicken skin. Yup, you read that right. Crispy chicken skin. I’m partial to the brisket sandwich. While you get your chocolate chip cookies, get your pup a few of the dog treats they have available. About the size of a short stack of poker chips, these are treats your dog will love. Made of vegetable scraps from their kitchens and locally-milled grains, and beef, duck, and bacon fat; it’s sure to please your dog. Mine loved them, so they get the Lummi stamp of approval.

Rain Shadow Meats
With two locations in town (Capitol Hill’s Melrose Market and off Occidental Park in Pioneer Square), Rain Shadow Meats is one of the finer butcher shops in Seattle. Meats from purveyors that have a respect for the land and animals, and the quality shows. At the Pioneer Square location, they have a menu with salads and sandwiches that feature the care they put to their proteins. Utilizing their meats, I’m a fan of their CLT and Porchetta sandwiches. And for your furry friend, they’ll have roasted pork skin dog treats for a buck each. With the volume of pork they have at their disposable, you can be sure that the pork skin is high quality and dog-approved. Lummi is a fan. It took her a moment to figure out what to do with the treat, but with one thunderous crunch she inhaled it.

The Seattle Barkery
As Seattle’s food truck especially for dogs, the Seattle Barkery brings their bright blue truck and freshly baked dog treats all over the area town to dogs that gleefully await the treats that Ben Ford and his wife, Dawn, prepare for them. You can find the Seattle Barkery at the Fremont Sunday Market and other spots like the Edmonds Beach Dog Park or the Magnusson off-leash area (check out their calendar for specific dates and times) where they feature an array of baked goods and other snacks. For something for yourself, they’ll have a few drinks on hand and they’ve recently partnered with the Anchor End Pretzel Shoppe for pretzel sandwiches to nosh on while your dog gets their snackers. Lummi gives their PB Banana Bones four paws up.

Volunteer Park Café
A few blocks down the hill from Volunteer Park, Volunteer Park Café is that neighborhood spot we all wish was in our neighborhood. Comfortable, welcoming, and casual, the food reflects that feeling and is delicious to boot. The pot pie hits the spot and the array of baked goods are sure to please (definitely check out one of their Sunday Suppers). Be sure to try their cinnamon roll. And for your pooch, Volunteer Park Cafe has their dog treats for 50 cents each. Currently they’re peanut butter pumpkin cookies and yes, they are Lummi approved.