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Deep Dive into your new favorite cocktail lounge (Image: Suzi Pratt / Seattle Refined)<p></p><p></p>

There's a new bar in the Amazon Spheres

In the heart of downtown lives the Amazon Spheres and hidden through a small door on the south side lies Deep Dive, Seattle's newest classic cocktail lounge from Renee Erickson.

"This is a really new bar for Seattle," said General Manager James Ingle. "We're really trying to redefine what a bar is going for. We're going for an old New York style hotel bar."

With velvet bar stools, dim lighting, and room for no more than thirty guests - Deep Dive takes you out of the 21st century and back into the 1960s. Their space is simple and elegant, the lounge eclectic, and their works of art from largely Seatte artists.

"We work with an artist named Curtis Steiner who is a local, known the owner for a while, he procured all these wonderful pieces for us- he's been really integral in design and the colors of the space and we just really love his work," said Ingle. "I think it's important for Seattle, they are very much behind using local products, local ingredients, and using local artists and I think having that talent showcased here is all the more important to us."

But they're known for more than their art collection. Deep Dive's cocktails are handcrafted by Bar Manager Jermaine Whitehead, and served to perfection. Find original, classic, and modern mixes of your favorite drinks like Old Fashioneds, Mojitos, and Moscow Mules.

The menu also runs deep, Chef Erickson has put together an incredible menu including bite-sized caviar toast, the Seattle Dog - made with smoked hazelnut hot dogs and top with pickled jalapeƱos, red onions, and pink salmon caviar.

Bring a date and anchor yourself for an evening at Deep Dive.