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(Image: Milk Bar)

Could the famous bakery Milk Bar be coming to Seattle??

Word came through this week that Milk Bar went through its first round of funding with the thoughts of growth and expansion becoming more concrete and clearer with the funding. What does this mean for Seattle? Well, we’ll have to project and daydream a little, but here’s the killer hook from Milk Bar founder, Christina Tosi, in the Wall Street Journal (emphasis mine);

“Milk Bar Chief Executive Officer and founder Christina Tosi pointed to San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Chicago and Atlanta as some of her favorite cities.”

SEATTLE. Sure, it’s speculative and there is nothing concrete, but I’m going to hang on the notion that Milk Bar is coming to Seattle and I can’t wait.

Here’s why Milk Bar is so revered; because Christina Tosi and her team are savants when it comes to baked goods. From their first location in New York’s East Village to the upcoming opening of their shop in LA next year, they take what is nostalgic in our mind’s eye and add their twist to create something holy and new.

Like their Cereal Milk. You know how you finish a bowl of cereal and the last traces of milk are loaded with sweet, sweet flavor? Take that, dial it to 11, and make soft serve ice cream out of it. Or their Crack Pie. Kind of like a gooey and sweet Chess Pie, but subvert it with even more butter and sugar and cut it with salt to add balance and now you have an addictive sweet treat. I could go on and on about the goods at Milk Bar (like their Compost Cookie. Or their Corn Cookie. Or their Thanksgiving Croissant), but now the possibility of having them in our own backyard is in play.

Sure, Milk Bar does offer delivery of their goods and you can take a stab at making them yourself, but soon you might be able to have the real deal and the peak of their powers. They’ve also added to their menu with Milk Bar Life, with juices and other products. So you can go around the clock with Milk Bar.

If/When Milk Bar opens a shop in Seattle, it will add to the constellation of bakeries in town. From Coyle’s Bakeshop to Dahlia Bakery to La Reve amongst many more, Milk Bar will provide something different. Check out their menu and some of the treats they offer to get a feeling for their delicious irreverence.

From her Milk Bar shops and cookbooks, to her gig as a judge on MasterChef and MasterChef Jr, Christina Tosi shines brightly. Her work ethic and determination to create something delicious, coupled with her personable grace, has earned her fans and lines of eaters ready. If we’re lucky, those investment dollars will lead to Seattle, hopefully sooner rather than later.