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Crazy About Crepes? This Capitol Hill eatery is the place for you

There's something comforting about crepes. The sizzle of the batter hitting the griddle. The smell of a freshly cooked, paper-thin pancake just waiting to be filled. It's a meal that's both portable and elegant. That's probably why people are flocking to Chophouse Row on Capitol Hill to check out a truly authentic creperie, Petite Galette.

"The thing about (the) crepe is you really have a lot of options. The world is kind of your oyster," said Sara Naftaly, the owner of Petite Galette. "It really depends on what you want to put in there. So really exploring the breadth of possibilities and showing more than what you normally see really appealed to me."

Naftaly, an acclaimed pastry master who also owns Amandine Bakeshop next door to Petite Galette, spent much of her childhood traveling throughout France. So naturally, at this crepe counter the team specialize in galette, the savory buckwheat crepes that come from the Brittany region of the country.

"I was really interested in experimenting with buckwheat, savory galette, and doing a proper Breton style," she said. "Not any old Parisian crepe kind of thing."

What's the best way to enjoy a crepe at Petite Galette?

"I think if you want to go super traditional you would probably do a buckwheat crepe with the filling of your choice and cider," explained Naftaly. "Brittany and Normandy are apple-growing country. Also, the heartiness of buckwheat and heartiness of cider, they marry well."

Everything at Petite Galette is made with the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients. It's part of her commitment to supporting small farmers who are doing things the right way.

"It's harder to be a small farmer, and it's certainly expensive," she said. "The ingredients are expensive, so therefore maybe the price tag on your crepe is a little more expensive, but you know there's an integrity to what you're eating...and it generally tastes a lot better if it's grown nearby and by people who care."

They have plenty of sweet crepe options on the menu, but if you're looking for a heartier option, try the Complete. French ham, a fried egg and comte cheese swaddled in a warm buckwheat crepe. It's a sublime bite, perfect any time of the day. That's why Petite Galette will have you coming back for crepes time and time again.