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(Photo Courtesy: SeaJAM Festival/Joel Gamoran)

Chef Joel Gamoran turns garbage into gourmet grub

Joel Gamoran is a chef with a passion for turning garbage into gourmet grub.

"I was in New York [teaching a cooking class] and I was looking at everyone's garbage bowls and thinking in culinary school and restaurants I would get [chewed out] for throwing this stuff away, because that's profit in the restaurant industry," he said. "But at home we kind of forget about that."

Joel is Sur La Table's national chef, the host of A&E's "Scraps: Parts Uneaten" and the author of "Cooking Scrappy". His goal is to reduce food waste by teaching folks how to turn food scraps - stuff they'd normally throw away - into seriously delicious meals.

"I just love seeing the light bulb go on," said Gamoran. "Cooking for me, you know - my parents got divorced and our family kind of pulled apart. Then I started putting food on the table and cooking and everyone came back together. So, cooking sort of saved my life and saved my family in a lot of ways.

I visited Gamoran at his house in Seattle to get a masterclass on scrappy cooking. Together, we whipped up a CSALT Sandwich: a riff on a BLT made with chicken skin, avocado, lettuce and tomato. Let me tell you it's super easy and seriously delicious!

On Sunday, September 15th, you've got the chance to learn from Gamoran in-person! He's hosting a brunch event at Stroum Jewish Community Center on Mercer Island as part of the 2019 SeaJAM Festival.

"I'm going to be cooking live on stage with my mentor, who's flying up from California. She's amazing," Joel told me excitedly. "We're going to cook live on stage and then we're putting on the most amazing scrappy brunch you've ever seen."

To learn more about Joel's deliciously awesome event, or to buy tickets, just click here.