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(Image: Queen Bee Mixology)

Cocktail of the Week: Goblet of Fire

Sure, a glass of wine or a beer is a nice way to unwind – but every now and then you deserve a happy hour that’s a little more...hmmm. What’s the word? Refined! Kelly Sparks of Queen Bee Mixology is graciously sharing a new cocktail with us every week, just in time for Happy Hour. Queen Bee is raising the bar for cocktails made at home with recipes that are both easy – and delicious! Want more? Connect with Queen Bee Mixology on social media for extra recipes and behind-the-scenes content.

Get a taste of Queen Bee's magical Halloween brew, The Goblet of Fire! This cocktail is an explosion of cinnamon and apple flavors that will delight any ghoulish creature.


  • Fireball Cinnamon Whisky
  • Spiced Rum
  • Hot Apple Cider
  • 151 Rum
  • Cinnamon


  1. Pour 1.5 oz Fireball Whiskey into serving glass,
  2. Add 1 oz spiced rum and 6 oz hot apple cider
  3. Slowly pour 151 Rum over the back of a bar spoon, thinly layering the top of the drink
  4. Use a long lighter to light the drink on fire
  5. Throw a dash of cinnamon on the drink at an angle to watch it spark (do not put your hand above the drink while doing this step)
  6. Enjoy!