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(Image: Seattle Chocolates Facebook)

Chocolate Beer: The Unlikely Pairing that'll catch your eye this Valentine's Day

If you're a fan of chocolate, and of beer - you might want to pay attention to this Unlikely Pairing, exclusively offered in Seattle at Pyramid Alehouse this February 2019.

Pyramid has teamed up with Seattle's Chocolates to make this sweet treat - fittingly called Unlikely Pairings. The beer will be poured at the Alehouse downtown throughout February, and is a oatmeal pale made with Canadian oat malt, infused with Seattle Chocolate's 72 percent Dark Origin truffle bar.

“Josh [Riggs, Pyramid brewer] selected one of my favorite Seattle Chocolate bars [for Unlikely Pairings]," said Jean Thompson, CEO of Seattle Chocolate. "Our 72 percent is sourced from two different cacao varietals grown in Nicaragua and blended together to deliver a fruit forward, smooth, slightly acidic chocolate, which (deliciously!) showcases the complex flavor notes found in cacao.”

But just like one piece of chocolate (or one beer), is never enough - the dynamic duo is also bringing the people three additional beers, inspired by Seattle Chocolate's limited edition Valentine's Day chocolate truffle bars:

  • Beer #1 – Hidden Chambers: a nitro stout with forward chocolate flavor from dark chocolate malt, paired with Seattle Chocolate’s We Work Together like Nuts and Bolts, a dark chocolate and stout truffle bar bursting with pretzel bits and crunchy peanuts.
  • Beer #2 – Blackberry Baby: a blackberry infused wheat ale, paired with Seattle Chocolate’s Baby Cakes, a milk chocolate truffle bar with a creamy, white chocolate and confetti center.
  • Beer #3 – Nothing Rhymes with Orange: an orange infused Unlikely Pairings, paired with Seattle Chocolate’s Here’s Looking at You, an orange infused dark chocolate truffle bar full of popping candy.

“People often associate chocolate with wine, and when they pair chocolate with beer it is often with porters and stouts,” said Riggs. “This year we are breaking stereotypes, and showing beer and chocolate connoisseurs that unlikely pairs make the best pairs."