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Pizza pizza pie! (Image: Seattle Refined).

Chicago Pizza in Seattle? We take a bite of Windy City Pie

“This is Windy City Pie, and its about making the best pizza that we can. That’s the long and short of it,” Dave Lichterman said about his new Chicago style pizzeria on Phinney Ridge.

Authentic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza means different things to different Chicagoans. But to Lichterman, it means house-made dough, lots of cheese and quality toppings, cooked in a pan to steaming, pizza, perfection.

“The 'Meatza' is probably our top selling - bacon, house-ground sausage, pepperoni." Lichterman said. "But, the best pie on the menu is the Sweet Pete, which is house-made 'hot giardiniera' (hot pepper relish, a Chicago staple), bacon, sausage and pineapple. Its divisive, but we convert a lot of pineapple haters.”

Dave said he started making Chicago Deep Dish Pizza for himself, then for friends and finally turned it into a business.

“Over time friends were like, you should open a pizza restaurant and I was like that’s a terrible idea. Those places don’t make money," Lichterman said.

But, low and behold, he did it anyway - and says being able to share his pizza with others on this scale is really exciting.

“I love cooking for people, it’s so amazing to have someone enjoy something you’ve created in such a visceral way.”

Wanna taste? Click here.