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Image: Seattle Cocktail Week
Image: Seattle Cocktail Week

Cheers! It's Seattle Cocktail Week

Whiskey buffs, rum freaks, brandy fans, gin drinkers, vodka tasters, tequila lovers-yes, EVERY single one of you. Put your cute boots on and grab your ID's because it is officially Cocktail Week in the Emerald City! And trust me when I say that there is an event and a cocktail for admirers of liquor across the board.

What is known to be "Seattle's largest celebration of spirited beverages in the Pacific Northwest", will run from Sunday, March 1st through Sunday, March 8th.

This year, the fest will feature 68 bars from 12 different neighborhoods in and around Seattle, each serving their own specialty cocktails and hosting spirited events throughout the week.

Additionally, there will be product launches, private tastings, workshops, distiller's nights, and a special visit from the UK!

The famously known London bar, Discount Suit Company, will be taking over Stampede Cocktail Club with their exclusive bespoke cocktail menu on Thursday, March 7th from 8 PM to 11 PM. It is a highly anticipated appearance as it is Seattle's first ever London bar takeover.

That is just one of over 40 different events for the celebration this week, so be sure to check out the entire day-by-day list on the Seattle Cocktail Week official site!