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(Image: Elizabeth Crook / Seattle Refined)

What exactly is on the menu at a Nordic cafe?

Freya Cafe is situated right inside the entrance to the Nordic Museum in Ballard, and is a great lunch spot (or an excellent way to end your trip to the Nordic Museum). The cafe space is open and airy with a casual seat yourself atmosphere and a corner fireplace for a cozy atmosphere.

The menu offers up everyday Nordic food but with a few nods to its Seattle home - like the Seattle Scandinavian Dog with a staple like cream cheese - but in the form of Norwegian cream cheese and topped with pickled peppers and chives make it fit right in with the more authentic menu items.

While there are some recognizable items on the menu, one section that is purely Scandinavian is the Personal Smorgasbords up for offer. For us, we went with the Ostebrett; a cheese board comprised of several Scandinavian kinds of cheese as well as pickled vegetables and a delicious raspberry rose jam.

The items on the menu are simple but each one has something that makes it a bit of a surprise. The bright purple hard-boiled egg on the Shrimp Ludvig, the combo of the pickled onion and the potato on the potato and toast, and the honey infused with dill in the Ostebrett, just to name a few.

The relaxing atmosphere and reasonably priced items, (most between $8 and $13), makes Freya Cafe is a fun and delicious option if you are looking for something a little different or - just a great way to end a day of museum wandering.