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(Image courtesy of Beecher's Cheese Facebook Page)

Beecher Cheese's first ever event will be their 15th birthday party - and you're invited

UPDATE: Due to weather conditions, the event has been rescheduled for April 6, 2019.


Beecher's Cheese is turning 15 years old and you know what they say about old cheese - the more aged the BETTER!

To celebrate Beecher's anniversary, they're hosting their first ever event, Beecher's Cheese For All on April 6, 2019 at Block 41.

Ten chefs from Seattle will go head-to-head to make their own creative dishes of mac n' cheese and cheeseburgers using only Beecher's cheeses and Mishima Reserve American Wagyu Beef.

Event attendees can taste all the fun and creative dishes and vote for their favorites! Come prepared with Tums on deck and get ready for that explosion of lactose because it's going to be AMAZING.

Along with the taste-testing, you will also get two complimentary drinks, Salt & Straw Beecher's Apple Pie Ice Cream, Beecher's cheeses and so much more.

Participating Seattle chefs will include:

  • Cory Alfano (Li’l Woody’s)
  • Kalen Schramke (Adana)
  • Scott Siff (Cortina)
  • Sam Jo (Anju Bar & Eatery)
  • Seamus Platt (The Shambles)
  • Dan Mallahan (Rider)
  • Megan Coombes (Meg’s)
  • Sean Mayhew (Ascend Prime)
  • Mitchell Mayers (Sawyer)
  • Ethan Stowell (ESR)

You gouda brie kidding me this is going to be a hoot! Ugh, sorry for the pun - I know it was cheesy...OKAY BYE I'M DONE!