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HoneyHole on Capitol Hill announces new owners, plans for expansion

Same "damn good sandwiches" — just new owners!

Yup, that's right - after nearly 22 years, HoneyHole Sandwiches announced Thursday the establishment has been sold, and there are plans for future expansion around the Seattle area under the new ownership.

After a visit in 2020, Kristin and Patrick Rye fell in love with the sandwich shop on Capitol Hill.

"It wasn't simply a business decision to acquire HoneyHole. It was everything else that came with it: the vibe of the shop, sharing similar values with Sean and Hannah [previous owners], being located on Capitol Hill, sourcing local ingredients. It all played a major factor," said Kristin in a press release.

"It didn't take long for us to realize HoneyHole was the perfect fit. It checked every box. Can we make and serve delicious food? Yes. Does the shop fit our personality? Yes. Can we have a cocktail at lunch? Yes."

After relocating to Seattle from San Diego, Kristin initially wanted to bring a farm-to-table experience downtown. But that changed with the chance to acquire HoneyHole — a business that shares her values in locally-sourced, environmentally conscious and sustainable food.

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The award-winning sandwich shop was co-founded by brothers Sean and Devon London in 1999. Hannah Roberts, a long-time employee, would eventually become a future co-owner. The shop is known for its "cheeky" menu, vibe and "funky" atmosphere.

"HoneyHole has been our focus and our passion for the last two decades," Sean said in a press release. "From the moment we met Kristin and Patrick, we knew they were meant to carry on the legacy of HoneyHole Sandwiches. We're excited for the Rye's to build upon and expand the HoneyHole for our amazing customers and dedicated staff."

The Rye's first order of business? Bringing back a fan-favorite sandwich that's been off the menu for almost a year — The Corleone, a sandwich filled with housemade pastrami (that takes weeks to prepare). You can get your hands on it starting Friday, Jan. 29, though they anticipate selling out within the first few days.