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Canlis is giving away their last Valentine's Day reservation to the highest bidder

Valentine's Day reservations go gangbusters at Canlis every year (no seriously, they have a cancellation list of 100 people long) but as of this post - the top tier Seattle restaurant has one final reservation left.

They are offering up their private corner room for two to the highest bidder. And it gets sweeter.

All the money Canlis makes in their auction process will go to benefit their favorite charity, Aurora Commons. As Canlis lives on Aurora Avenue, this charity is close to their home and their hearts. Aurora Commons is a space where unhoused neighbors can go to rest, prepare a meal, and connect to resources.

The highest bidder will not only have the super romantic upper-level dining room to themselves, but they will also have a six-course tasting menu, wine pairings with each course, and a private tour with the Canlis brothers.

The current bidding price sits at $1210.00. The opening bid was $750, the retail value is $960, and the increment is $10 minimum. There are currently 3 days left to make a bid, so GET TO IT FOLKS.

Click here to get to biddin'!